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Today, Convoy is proud to share that bundling loads through our Automated Reloads program is yielding a 45% decrease in CO2 emissions from trucks running empty less often. Launched nationwide in June, Automated Reloads algorithmically groups multiple full-truckload shipments for carriers — minimizing empty miles, eliminating time wasted between loads, and lowering the resulting unnecessary […]

When you drive a heavy truck, highways are your second home and many truckers have strong preferences for where they stop their rigs. Inspired by American Trucking Association’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we identified the truck stop in every state most visited by our community of tens of thousands of carriers. When carriers turn […]

We had a great time meeting owner operators, drivers, and dispatchers at The Great American Trucking Show in Dallas. Whether or not you made it to GATS last week, we wanted to share takeaways we heard from industry professionals.  1. Low rates cause carriers to get creative Many owner operators, dispatchers, and drivers expressed current […]