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Carriers that emphasize safety are vitally important to both the trucking industry and the well-being of the general public. In addition to keeping people safe on the road, carriers in Convoy’s network with higher safety scores also tend to have extremely high quality scores and service levels. We take pride in providing superior service levels […]

Reign and Koyote don’t have your conventional “boy meets girl” love story. They didn’t follow the typical road into trucking either. But “unconventional” is something this truck driver team feels good about. About a year into team driving, they couldn’t be happier with their decision to trade in one version of life on the road […]

Stephanie Trejo didn’t intend to take over Tremmar Freight Services, her dad and uncle’s trucking business. Then she heard rumors the family intended to shut it down. “So, I quit my job and I took over,” she says. When she started as an owner-dispatcher, Tremmar had 2 trucks and 1 driver — now, 6 years […]

Thanks to all who attended FreightWaves’ November Market Trends Webinar, sponsored by Convoy. Despite tariffs and the rising dollar, November started slow for freight and has started to pick up volume ahead of the holiday season. Capacity continues to slowly increase. To help you prepare for the holiday season, we’ll recap what’s going on with […]

Many veterans have found a career in freight. To those of you who have served in the U.S. Military and to everyone who has served around the world, thank you. Happy Veterans Day.  Nearly 40 percent of owner-operators have served in the military, according to the The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA). We sat down with […]

Apparitions, ghosts or a trick of the eyes. Whether you believe or not, these roads have an unearthly reputation. We combed through reports of haunted highways to bring you 5 of the spookiest. Keep reading, if you dare!   Route 44 Hitchhiker (Massachusetts) A bearded man can be seen hitchhiking and walking along Route 44 […]

Bad weather can make for scary driving conditions, no matter what time of year. Remember these tips the next time you get behind the wheel of your rig. Do a full pre-trip inspection. Make sure all your tread is deep, tires are filled, exhaust pipe is cleared and your truck/trailer are ready to hit the road. […]

Thanks to all who attended FreightWaves’ October Monthly webinar sponsored by Convoy. Overall, October was a slow month for freight. The market is starting to come down from recent peaks, slowing demand, while capacity is steadily increasing. Hurricane season came and went with much less impact on the US logistics network than in years past. […]

10-4 Day, otherwise known as October 4 on the calendar, is a day where our entire company comes together to celebrate trucking, raise awareness of an industry critical to the economy and appreciate the people who help move America’s industries and goods. And there are a lot of folks involved!  Nearly 2 percent of the […]