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10-4: Your Feedback in Action

Carriers, Convoy NewsPublished on October 4, 2021

Happy 10-4 Day from Convoy! October 4th is a day at Convoy where we look back on the feedback that we have gathered from carriers who haul with us, and say “message received” by showcasing the things we’ve introduced this year to help you earn more with less hassle. Today we want to highlight your feedback in action. All of the features below have been launched since the last 10-4 Day and were built based on insights provided by you. Buckle up, and check out all the features that have been developed specifically for you and your business. 

What We Heard: I need to save time in my day 

On the road, every second counts. Whether this means arriving to pick up on time, being the first to book a hot load, or making it home for dinner, there are never enough hours in the day. Copy That. 

Manage Your Schedule

This year we have added the ability to fall off loads directly in the Convoy app, no phone calls required. This gives you the ability to adjust your schedule as needed until 48 hours before your load picks up. 

Real-Time Updates

You can now report a driver as late to a stop or load in the Convoy app. Not only does this remove unnecessary phone calls for you, but it also saves time when you arrive at the facility. When you report late through the Convoy app, our team is able to arrange for a more accurate arrival time at the destination, which makes it less likely that you’ll spend time in detention waiting to unload.

Find Loads Faster

You asked for an easier way to spot the right loads without clicking into every load on your offer feed. To solve this problem we made trailer types visible on offers in our app so you can skim over the latest loads and easily identify the best one for you.

What We Heard: I’m looking to save more on business expenses

Rates-per-mile may fluctuate throughout the year, but core business expenses remain constant. Affirmative.

Save on Business Expenses

To give you the ability to keep more of your earnings, Convoy has partnered with companies across the industry, recommended by you, to offer big savings on core operating expenses. Take a look at the “Savings” tab in our app’s menu to find ways to reduce your expenses on everything from tires, trailers, and TMS services to roadside assistance and more.

Easily Find Fuel Savings

A fuel card is another way to save on your core business expenses. We’ve recently added a fuel card to our TruckYeah Savings program even more convenient to use by building every step of the activation process into the app, enabling you to sign up in a matter of minutes. Once your card is funded, you can manage your spending and find fuel stations with the greatest savings all with the tap of a button. 

What We Heard: Can you make it even easier to find and manage my loads? 

You’ve asked for more tools to run your business as efficiently as possible, while reducing hassle for every member of your team. Roger that.

Manage Bids from Anywhere

The much-awaited addition of a “My Bids” page has given businesses who prefer to work on desktop computers the same easy access to their live bids that exists in the Convoy app. Now you can manage your Convoy loads on the device that is most convenient for you. 

Reduce Trailer Delays

If you haul power-only loads, you may have seen the in-app trailer inspections feature that rolled out this summer. You told us that you needed a better way to share feedback about small trailer maintenance issues without the hassle of calling in and potentially delaying arrival to your next load. This feedback led us to build an in-app trailer inspection tool that gives you the ability to report any issues quickly and efficiently. 

Making Payments Easy

Making lumper payments at the end of a load can cause delays and uncertainty about when you will be paid back. This year, we added the ability for you to get hassle-free lumper codes, right in the Convoy app, eliminating the need for you to make time-consuming phone calls to get reimbursed for your out-of-pocket expenses. 

Efficiently Bid & Schedule

Lastly, we launched transparent auctions this year to solve two of the most common questions around hassle that we receive: “When will I know if my bid won?” and “How can I better target my bid?”. Transparent auctions answer both of these questions by telling you when you’ll know if you won the load, as well as the bid range that will be considered for the load. 

Have ideas for how we can make Convoy better? Let us know how we can improve your experience by going to the “Give Feedback” tab in the Convoy app to submit feedback


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