Reliable trucking capacity on short notice, and consistent work for carriers.

Hassle Free

Less paperwork, fewer phone calls, no back-and-forth over price.


Fast booking and real-time tracking of shipments. Fast payment to carriers.

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I'm a shipper.

I ship regularly and need access to trucks on short notice at an honest price. I want to know the location and status of my shipments without constant phone calls.

Stop searching for carriers

Find trusted local and regional carriers on demand with guaranteed availability.

Book shipments in seconds

Save time creating new shipments using Convoy. Get it done even faster by starting from a previous shipment.

Get instant pricing

Book a truck in minutes without haggling over the price. Our pricing is fair and reliable.

Know where your trucks are

Our technology lets you see where your shipment is at any time, and sends alerts to you as the shipment progresses.

“The straightforward workflow and smart pricing all help to optimize our shipments. This is exactly the type of innovation we need in transportation.”
— Mike Williams, Global Supply Chain Director, World Vision
“Convoy’s website is easy to use and much faster than calling around for a truck. They also have great prices, which make it more cost effective than owning our own fleet.”
— David Stober, CEO, Guided Products

I'm a carrier.

I’m looking for more jobs per week with fair, upfront pricing. I like being paid quickly and avoiding paperwork. I want to add more trucks.

More jobs, less hassle

Get more jobs per day delivered right to your phone. No need to haggle and wonder if you’ll get the job; accept the offer and it’s yours.

Free to use

Our service and app are free. We pay you for each run that you do using Convoy.

More money faster

We’ll process your payment within 24 hours of completing a job with the Convoy app. This means payment will show up in your bank account just days after the job. No need to use Quick Pay or factoring services.

Grow your fleet

Easily dispatch jobs to your drivers and track their progress from our app. Convoy makes it easy to grow your fleet.

“With Convoy, it takes me less than a minute to view the job and accept it. No more back and forth to see if the job will work for me. This is going to be huge for drivers.”
— Kent Brookover, Owner/Operator
“It's easy to use and the service is great. I highly recommend it.”
— Romulo Ventura, Owner/Operator
“Convoy has enhanced our ability to deliver timely shipments in a cost-effective manner.”
— Jeremiah Fleming, Logistics Manager, Goodwill Industries

Drive With Convoy

Want more loads? Tell us about your company and we'll get you set up. You can also email or call us.