Earn More with Less Hassle

Convoy makes it easy to find, bid on, and haul loads that keep your trucks full and gets you paid quickly with free Convoy QuickPay™.

Keep Your Trucks Full on the Lanes You Like to Run

Free access to all loads and reloads right in the Convoy app.

Maximize Your Earnings

Find, bid on, and win loads – 24/7, with no phone calls required. Unlock discounts typically reserved for large fleets with our TruckYeah Savings.

Learn how to keep your trucks full

“They keep me on lanes I prefer to run, and get me home when I want. By combining loads from different shippers, Convoy keeps us from driving empty trailers between jobs and we waste less time on load boards keeping our trucks busy.”

Jorge Ramos, El Poderoso Trucking

Reduce The Hassle

Sign up and book loads in just minutes. Use your phone or desktop to easily find work and manage documents.

  • Access Convoy on your preferred device: mobile or desktop
  • See shipper and facility names and addresses on every load
  • Upload documents electronically to streamline bookkeeping
  • Request hassle-free detention with a tap in the Convoy app

Learn more about hassle-free hauling

I like the straightforwardness of dealing with Convoy. There never are issues with payments, the uploading of the BOLs is clear, you guys spell it out and there’s no issue. I like the simplicity.

Gerrit Schut , Dutch Vision Trucking LLC

Haul Power Only To Accelerate Your Earnings

Access drop-and-hook freight from shippers nationwide with Convoy power only loads – available to carriers of all sizes. Haul preloaded trailers to save time and prevent wear and tear on your equipment.

  • Quickly pick up preloaded trailers, no more loading wait time
  • Larger appointment windows adds flexibility to your schedule
  • Use the empty trailer to haul any load from any broker
  • Reduce your overhead expenses – we cover maintenance costs
  • No additional insurance is required to haul power only loads

Learn more about power only loads

We operate almost exclusively power only loads with Convoy. The main upside is that the wait time is very short, we are in and out of facilities in 45 minutes versus more than four hours for live loads.

Eduardo Canales , Canales Trucking

Download the App and Start Hauling with Convoy Today

24 Hour/7 Days a Week Support

We value your time as much as you do. That’s why our carrier help center and bilingual customer service teams are available around the clock to help you on the road. Reach us at 855-5-CONVOY. Languages available: English, Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of freight does Convoy offer?

We offer full truckload (FTL) loads across the contiguous U.S. We focus on:

  • Dry van – Regular (53′)
  • Reefer – Regular (53′)
  • Power Only: Dry van – Regular (53′)

Where does Convoy have loads?

Convoy has loads from coast-to-coast. Check out the app to view all available loads.

Is Convoy’s app free? Are there any monthly fees?

Yes, Convoy is completely free to use. There are no sign-up fees or monthly fees, and we offer free Convoy QuickPay™ with no fees.

What do I need to sign up?

We work with carriers of all sizes, from owner-operators to large fleets. Our sign-up process is 100% online and only takes a few minutes, click here to get started.

You’ll be asked to fill out information about your company and upload copies of your MC/DOT operating authority letter, certificate of insurance, and W9. You’ll also need to download our app and log in to accept the Terms of Service.

How do I qualify for free Convoy QuickPay™?

Free Convoy QuickPay™ is available on all loads offered on the Convoy app. To qualify, the driver must be logged into the Convoy app with location services enabled 3.5 hours prior to the pickup, and for the entire duration of the shipment. Once the shipment is complete, a photo of the Bill of Lading must be uploaded within 24 hours. Learn more here.

How do I request hassle-free detention?

If you’re delayed, quickly and easily request hassle-free detention pay in the Convoy app. See how here.

Do you offer any discounts for carriers?

Convoy TruckYeah Savings is an industry-leading discount program that can save carriers up to $35,000 per year per truck. Learn more about this program here.

Earn More with Less Hassle