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Global supply chains represent an opportunity to take coordinated action against the sustainability risks associated with increasing consumer demand for products and improved lifestyles. This list of supply chain sustainability frontrunners are taking the lead in measuring and improving their impact on the environment and on the communities that work to make their businesses successful. […]

As we continue to delve deeper into the business of sustainability, we wanted to talk about “sustainable mobility” — everything that moves within an organization. This includes last-mile delivery (the movement of goods from a transportation hub to the final delivery destination), workers commuting on a daily basis, customer travel to stores, etc. One company […]

Convoy helps drive asset utilization in A-B’s private fleet This case study was originally published on FreightWaves. More than ever, the world’s largest and most sophisticated shippers are using logistics technology to drive efficiencies in their supply chains and meet corporate sustainability goals. Consumers, employees and board members have become more aware of climate change […]

This case study was original published on FreightWaves. CHEP’s iconic blue pallet is not just a product offered to customers—it’s also a unique source of data that helps eliminate waste across CHEP’s network of partners, which include most of the largest consumer packaged goods companies in the world. The Australian pallet, crate, and container pooling […]

Absolutely every company in business today has the ability to become more sustainable — it’s an undeniable fact. Organizations can implement basic steps like reducing paper use, incentivizing employees to use public transportation, and switching to LED lighting, or they can take a much deeper dive and look into product sourcing, how their manufacturing processes […]

In corporate boardrooms around the world, there are lively debates about sustainability and how much a company’s investment in more sustainable practices will negatively impact its bottom line. Adopting more sustainable practices is mistakenly viewed as a trade-off — something an organization might be forced to do at some point, but without any type of […]

As an increasingly larger number of multinational organizations begin to place greater emphasis on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability, the roles, responsibilities, and goals of those in charge of the effort continue to evolve. Whereas sustainability leaders may have been siloed early on in an organization, today these practitioners are finding themselves with a […]

There is a frequent misconception in business that companies can really only afford to address sustainability issues once they have become profitable. Yet there is a business structure out there, a Certified B Corporation, which actually balances purpose AND profit. Certified B Corporations are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their […]

We are experiencing a huge shift in consumer mindset as customers have become more interested in a company’s process over its product. This is particularly true in the nearly $500+ billion cosmetics industry, which does much to improve a person’s sense of self and wellbeing, but also has a great deal of waste taking a […]

The concept of “fair trade” is based upon the philosophy that products bought and sold are connected to the livelihoods of others. By certifying businesses as “fair trade,” everyone involved is making a choice to support responsible companies; empower farmers, workers, and fishermen; and protect the environment. To learn more about the fair trade movement, […]

There can be any number of reasons an organization is driven to adopt a sustainability platform. Publicly traded companies, for example, may be required to publish an annual report on sustainability initiatives. Other catalysts could include new C-level talent coming on board who have a sustainability mindset or ongoing customer inquiries as to what a […]

Sustainability can truly become harmonious with a business when it is an integral pillar of a company’s DNA versus being an afterthought. When sustainability is literally baked into the brand, then how a company operates, everything it produces, its policies and procedures, interactions with suppliers and vendors, etc. are all viewed through a sustainability lens […]