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A look back at Earth Week 2022

Behind the Scenes, SustainabilityPublished on May 26, 2022

While sustainability has always been at the core of Convoy’s mission, perhaps no other point in time better captures the enthusiasm that Convoy employees have for protecting and preserving our environment than Earth Week, taking place each year during the last week of April. 

This year, Convoy took its Earth Week activities to a whole new level, hosting a wide array of in-person and virtual activities for our employees to get involved, learn from their colleagues and share their perspectives on what the planet and this special week means to them. 

Following are a few of the highlights:

Virtual Speaker Series

To bring new perspectives to sustainability in transportation, business and our own daily lives, Convoy hosted an engaging and diverse set of experts for a series of interactive discussions virtually throughout the week. This year’s speaker series included:

  • Anne Goodchild, Director of the University of Washington Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Center
  • Sarah Dimson-Tararuj, Head of Partnerships and Programs at The Climate Pledge
  • Kathryn Kellogg, the founder of Going Zero Waste and author of 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste
  • Karl People, an Environmental Protection Specialist with the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Wolfgang Lehmacher, the former Head of Transport and Supply Chain Industries for the World Economic Forum
  • Dr Frederick Dooley, Chair of Life Science at Everett Community College

Homes for Houseplants

A new event in 2022, Homes For Houseplants was a company-wide, multi-site event that invited employees in both Seattle and Atlanta to adopt their first houseplants, trade plant clippings and get educated on plant types and care. Convoy provided over 200 houseplants to employees, along with tools, pots, and soil, and all were adopted—even our CEO, Dan Lewis, adopted a plant! Each individual plant came with a QR code to provide next steps and caretaking advice for their budding owners, and Convoy hosted an “ask us anything” discussion to further answer questions and foster discussion about plant care. We also started a Slack forum for employees to share photos of their plants and continue discussions that stemmed from the event. A fresh vegan lunch was enjoyed along with a plant-inspired playlist. Homes For Houseplants was a huge success, and many left the event excited to bring plants into their homes for the first time.

Sustainability Stories From Convoy Employees

An annual highlight of Convoy’s annual Earth Week activities is a series of short presentations from Convoy employees on how they personally incorporate sustainability into their daily lives outside of work, and our 2022 speakers did not disappoint. This year’s presenters focused on a wide range topics from easy first steps to become a more mindful consumer, how to use a footprint finder and eat less red meat, insights into dumpster diving and the problem of food waste, getting around Seattle for four and a half years without a car, oil-free vegetarian cooking, how to live a plant-based/vegan lifestyle, the benefits of building a tiny home, and daily life swaps that benefit the planet!

Convoy Green Taskforce

Another new Earth Week initiative for 2022 was the introduction of Convoy’s inaugural Green Taskforce. This internal group was created to identify areas in which Convoy can strive to align with ideals of sustainability and waste reduction, and develop plans to execute on those ideas. Within a week of its inception, the Green Taskforce boasted a membership of 20 volunteers, including experts in data science, customer care, design and building direction. Practically immediately after its inception the Taskforce launched more than 20 projects, including identifying ways to cut back on plasticware in Convoy’s kitchens, saving $10,000 worth of plasticware per month from being purchased and thrown into the trash. 

It’s exciting and rewarding to see how enthusiasm for Convoy’s sustainability-focused mission translates into Convoyagers’ daily lives, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for Earth Week 2023!

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