Jennifer Wong, Author at Convoy

As an increasingly larger number of multinational organizations begin to place greater emphasis on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability, the roles, responsibilities, and goals of those in charge of the effort continue to evolve. Whereas sustainability leaders may have been siloed early on in an organization, today these practitioners are finding themselves with a […]

There is a frequent misconception in business that companies can really only afford to address sustainability issues once they have become profitable. Yet there is a business structure out there, a Certified B Corporation, which actually balances purpose AND profit. Certified B Corporations are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their […]

We are experiencing a huge shift in consumer mindset as customers have become more interested in a company’s process over its product. This is particularly true in the nearly $500+ billion cosmetics industry, which does much to improve a person’s sense of self and wellbeing, but also has a great deal of waste taking a […]

Convoy encourages use of free eco-driving training course to tens of thousands of truck drivers in North America We are excited to announce a new way for carriers to reduce carbon emissions by 35%. Starting today, we are promoting Natural Resources Canada’s industry leading SmartDriver for Highway Trucking (SDHT) training course to Convoy’s network of tens […]

The concept of “fair trade” is based upon the philosophy that products bought and sold are connected to the livelihoods of others. By certifying businesses as “fair trade,” everyone involved is making a choice to support responsible companies; empower farmers, workers, and fishermen; and protect the environment. To learn more about the fair trade movement, […]

There can be any number of reasons an organization is driven to adopt a sustainability platform. Publicly traded companies, for example, may be required to publish an annual report on sustainability initiatives. Other catalysts could include new C-level talent coming on board who have a sustainability mindset or ongoing customer inquiries as to what a […]

We are thrilled to be recognized on Fortune’s first Impact 20 list. This list focuses on companies that are showing measurable progress in addressing social issues as part of the company’s core strategy.   For nearly every industry, waste contributes to higher costs. But in the freight industry, the stakes are even higher. In freight, waste […]

Sustainability can truly become harmonious with a business when it is an integral pillar of a company’s DNA versus being an afterthought. When sustainability is literally baked into the brand, then how a company operates, everything it produces, its policies and procedures, interactions with suppliers and vendors, etc. are all viewed through a sustainability lens […]

Sustainability in business — exactly how can it be established, managed, and monitored? For companies starting up circa 2020, sustainability can be a huge component of their founding mission. But for others who have been around for quite some time, how do you begin to incorporate sustainability into operations, policies, procedures, and overall mindset where […]

Often when a shipment is rejected at the receiver it causes lost time, additional fuel costs and wasted products. From a sustainability perspective, this can negate prior cost savings and fuel efficiency. Carriers end up losing out on their next shipments, spending more in fuel for reroutes and the disposition process can hold up their […]

In August 2020 Convoy surveyed over 440 small and mid-sized trucking companies across the United States to collect a snapshot of sustainability in trucking. Survey participants include dispatchers for fleets and owner-operators. All the results are self reported by the participants. This report is data from over 31,787,562 miles driven in July.

Sustainability in business is defined as operating an enterprise which has minimal negative impact on the global or local environment, community, society, or economy. Quite often, the “Sustainability” umbrella encompasses Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which refers to a company’s commitment to be good stewards of the environmental and social landscape in which they operate. CSR […]

At some point in every company’s evolution — whether it be at the inception or farther down the line — the sustainability conversation will arise. Incorporating sustainable business practices might be driven by internal proponents; as a result of the need to keep up with the competition; or, quite often, by consumer demand. Recent data […]

When COVID-19 hit the United States, optimizing the supply chain for many industries became increasingly more important — particularly as it relates to food and other necessary consumables. The dairy industry, for instance, was suddenly faced with a huge shift in business as restaurants shut down, schools were closed, and consumers were dining at home. […]