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Highway to Health – Week 2: Clean Up Your Cab

This is a guest blog post from Michelle Cartmel, health and wellness coach for Highway to Health. If you’re not registered for the program, register for free and receive the daily updates HERE! Hello Highway to Health Members! So glad you are back for WEEK 2, I’m thrilled that we’re onto the next phase of our […]

Highway to Health – Week 1: Re-start Your Engine

This is a guest blog post from Michelle Cartmel, health and wellness coach for Highway to Health. Michelle is a certified health and wellness coach, fitness enthusiast, self-taught cook and motivational partner. Throughout the Highway to Health series, Michelle will provide nutrition know-how, daily tips and incentives that inspire drivers to jumpstart their health journey. Hey […]

Welcome to your Highway to Health

Today, we’re excited to announce the kickoff of, Highway to Health, a four-week series designed to share advice on how drivers can improve health and wellness. The health and wellness of professional truck drivers is an increasing concern. This issue was ranked as the 8th most important in the industry by contributors to the American Transportation […]

FMCSA provides welcome guidance on personal conveyance

Historically personal conveyance has been troublesome for drivers. Personal conveyance is when a driver uses their Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) for personal use while off-duty, such as finding a safe place to park in order to rest while off-duty. Applied incorrectly, a driver could be sited for Hours of Service (HOS) violations. Unfortunately, the Federal […]

Tackling the Future of Transportation with Greylock’s Reid Hoffman and Simon Rothman

Recently, our friends at Greylock Partners hosted an invite-only event in San Francisco on The Future of Transportation. The event brought together a mix of tech startup founders and press to talk about the impact of technology on the transportation landscape and the role of autonomy over the next few decades. Panels featured insights from […]

Be Prepared for Roadcheck 2018

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) Roadcheck is coming up on June 5-7. Over that three day period, safety officials across North America will conduct inspections of commercial motor vehicles and drivers. Inspectors typically conduct the North American Standard Level-1 inspection, a 37-step procedure which includes driver and vehicle compliance with CSA safety regulations. This […]

May/June market update: Preparing for produce season
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Produce season happens every year, starting in March in southern states like Florida and Texas, and progresses north throughout the summer as fruits and vegetables become ready for harvest. As a result, there are more loads outbound from these produce hubs, causing capacity constraints and allowing carriers to demand higher rates. Inbound loads, on the […]

Making the Case for Freight 2.0
Industry insights

Look around at the transportation landscape right now and you’ll see a lot of different forces converging to make it difficult for shippers to secure capacity quickly, and at a viable price for their volume levels. Companies of all sizes—and across all industries—are taking that careful “look” at their logistics operations. We partnered with Logistics […]

Announcing Convoy’s Partnership with Kevin Rutherford

Today, we are excited to officially announce our partnership with Let’s Truck and Kevin Rutherford. Convoy and Let’s Truck share the mutual goal of creating a better trucking experience by empowering carriers and making their businesses more successful. Together, we believe that both Convoy and Let’s Truck will be better positioned to enable carriers to […]

Convoy Wins Next Tech Titan at 2018 Geekwire Awards

Each year, the Geekwire Awards celebrate the heart and soul of Seattle’s thriving tech community. Last year, Convoy took home the coveted Startup of the Year award. And this year – at the 10th Anniversary Award ceremony last night- Convoy was recognized as Geekwire’s Next Tech Titan! “This is a huge honor,” Convoy co-founder Grant […]