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Toy seller Joyin’s 2020 boom offers lessons in agility


Convoy’s shipping platform helped with shifting inventory and rapid growth While COVID-19 brought doom for some retailers, it was a boon for others. Forced lockdowns drove consumers to buy less apparel and more home decor, gym equipment and, believe it or not, toys for kids.  By September, toy industry revenue surged 19%, a figure excluding peak […]

Cultivating Sustainability And Regeneration With Guayaki Yerba Mate’s Gretchen Grani


When organizations begin to incorporate sustainability practices, they must recognize it is a journey. Sustainability is not something to be done once and checked off the “to do” list. It is an ever-evolving process which flows throughout an organization and delves deeper into the fabric of a company with each passing year. Sustainable practices are […]

Supplier Diversity: Cost Center or Revenue Generator?


A problem supply chain managers often face when getting buy-in for implementing a supplier diversity program is that many view these programs as a means to spend money with small and diverse businesses, but not as a way to grow their company’s revenue. In order to prove supplier diversity should be an area of investment, […]

Eight Best Trucking Apps for Drivers


For truck drivers, life on the road brings new and unexpected challenges every day. From treacherous weather in one city, to closed parking lots in another, the number of different factors that drivers need to track is always growing.  Technology is working hard to make drivers’ lives easier. Below are the best trucking apps that […]

The Road To IKEA’s Sustainable Mobility With Angela Hultberg


As we continue to delve deeper into the business of sustainability, we wanted to talk about “sustainable mobility” — everything that moves within an organization. This includes last-mile delivery (the movement of goods from a transportation hub to the final delivery destination), workers commuting on a daily basis, customer travel to stores, etc. One company […]

National Trucking Service Completes Over 1 Million Miles in 2020 with Convoy


In June 2019, Shawn Sekhon, Mani Litt, and Guri Bhathal joined Convoy to discuss how they had grown their fleet to over 100 trucks. Three years ago, the fleet was 20 trucks and focused solely on intermodal local freight. In order to start hauling dry van freight, Guri saw an opportunity to begin working with […]

What will happen to 300,000 package delivery drivers in 2021?

Freight Research

With 2020 squarely in the rear view mirror, the freight industry is now firmly on the down slope of the long-feared parcelpocalypse (my term) or packagemaggedon (other peoples’, better, term). The tail end of returns will continue to work their way through the system, and the combination of new mobility limitations plus late December’s fiscal […]

Reduce pickup and delivery delays with Convoy’s Automated Bill of Ladings


Shippers can now reduce unnecessary pickup and delivery delays by streamlining communication between their warehouses and drivers using Convoy’s Automated Bill of Lading (BOL) generator, available in both the Convoy shipper platform and Convoy Connect TMS. BOL’s are industry-standard documents used to communicate the timing, product mix and destination of a shipment with warehouses. With […]

Leaning in at Owens Corning


This case study was original published on FreightWaves. Owens Corning (NYSE: OC), the global manufacturer of building materials and fiberglass composites, has embraced cultural and digital transformation as the company seeks to do business in a more inclusive and forward-thinking way. Owens Corning’s workers, products and facilities span 33 countries, from Canada to Brazil, Singapore […]

Inside General Insulation Company’s decentralized, tech-enabled supply chain


This case study was originally published on FreightWaves. Legacy companies in the industrial supply chain with decentralized distribution models are deploying advanced technology to make their operations more efficient.  General Insulation Company (GIC) fabricates and distributes wholesale insulation for the construction industry. GIC has historical roots in the Northeast: when Jack Doherty sold the business […]