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Shippers Cautiously Optimistic, Rapidly Adapting to Economic Realities
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Enormous uncertainties continue to loom over the horizon for the remainder of 2020, but broad sectors of the economy are already laying their plans. Despite the difficult economic climate, sustainability remains a priority — in some cases, increasingly so.  In early July, we surveyed 139 shippers in Convoy’s network about their expectations for their businesses […]

Innovating supply chain for greater social impact

When COVID-19 hit the United States, optimizing the supply chain for many industries became increasingly more important — particularly as it relates to food and other necessary consumables. The dairy industry, for instance, was suddenly faced with a huge shift in business as restaurants shut down, schools were closed, and consumers were dining at home. […]

Introducing Black@Convoy

In the weeks following the murder of George Floyd by police, Convoy, like many other companies, put out a statement affirming our support for our Black employees and community members. In this statement, we acknowledged the centuries of privilege, ignorance, and inequalities inherent in our society as well as the role we have played in […]

Convoy Connect’s Order-Centric TMS turns customer orders into high-efficiency shipments

Convoy Connect, Convoy’s free transportation management system (TMS), now instantly consolidates orders to create high-efficiency full truckload shipments. In developing Convoy Connect, we observed transportation coordinators continuously struggle to handle the flood of incoming orders that need to be delivered to their customers. They would manually translate these orders into shipments again and again, just […]

Marketplace Update with Kevin Rutherford – Part 1: Demand

On Friday, July 10th, Convoy joined Kevin on his webinar series, Positive Matters, to discuss the current economy in regards to supply, demand, and truckload rates. In Part one of the webinar series, Kevin Rutherford and Aaron Terrazas, Convoy’s director of economic research, look at data on  factory output, headwinds and tailwinds to the economy […]

Convoy adds pricing transparency for small and medium businesses with automated spot quote benchmarking

We are excited to announce the availability of automated quote benchmarking for spot freight directly within the Convoy shipper platform. This industry-leading feature uses industry data and historical Convoy quote data to deliver contextual pricing insights alongside Convoy’s instant freight quote.

Instant Freight Rates: Hot Lanes, Cool Savings 7/27/2020

Shippers – It’s the start of the week and you are back at your desk looking at what orders need to move, where they need to go and when. You have hot loads, carrier falloffs, and run-of-the-mill business. Convoy is here to help get your shipments moving on time and at-cost.

Investing in Supplier Diversity

In order for sustainability to become more mainstream, we need to look at much more than a company’s green initiatives. Sustainably responsible organizations must lead the cultivation of a more inclusive, equitable world, which means adding diversity into the sustainability equation. Sustainability teams at corporations therefore have to work toward making strides in bridging gaps, […]

Is this online freight quote for real? Three questions to ask before you book

Many carriers and brokers now offer instant rates, but are these prices always what they seem? While online quotes often surface attractive prices, at the end of the day there can be a big difference between the quote and the invoice. Here are three questions you should ask yourself when getting an instant freight quote […]

Supply Chain AI: Automating freight procurement with machine learning

This is the second post in our Supply Chain AI series. For an introduction to AI and how ML can automate freight logistics, read our first blog: How machine learning can help move your freight.  Chocolate and peanut butter. Lennon and McCartney. Machine learning and freight. A few things in this world were destined to […]