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7 Compliance and Safety Questions to Ask Your Freight Broker and 3PL Partners
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Working with a third party service provider can bring additional risk to your supply chain if you’re not prepared and well-informed. Before booking your next load, verify your service providers have rigorous compliance standards in place. Ask these seven questions to start your assessment.

Introducing Convoy Radio, a podcast for truckers
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We’re excited to introduce Convoy Radio, a podcast that brings you trucking news and interviews with transportation industry leaders. With hosts Jake Henderson and Michael Lewis, Convoy Radio connects with a variety of voices from the trucking world. Hear from an owner-operator who built his own trucking company — and get an inside look at […]

FreightWaves April Market Webinar Recap: 6 Things You Should Know
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Thanks to all who attended FreightWaves’ April Monthly webinar sponsored by Convoy. Below, we summarize the webinar and add insights from Convoy. Overall, demand is sluggish, but no crashes are imminent. On the carrier side, stability is holding throughout the country. (1) Tariffs: the U.S. and China are expected to sign a trade agreement toward […]

RFP 2.0: Part One – Think Beyond the Lane

The RFP is a key part of the planning process for high-volume shippers. In this three-part series, Convoy is going to present a unique and improved approach for shippers to get the most out of the RFP process. Please read RFP 2.0 – Improving the Shipper RFP Experience for the introduction. In this installment of […]

Announcing Convoy Go, a nationwide Drop & Hook marketplace

Convoy Go enables up to 50% increased productivity for drivers and increased capacity for shippers Today, we are excited to launch Convoy Go, a nationwide drop & hook marketplace that allows any carrier or owner-operator to start hauling pre-loaded trailers — and to operate at the same level as large asset-based carriers. Our data shows […]

3 Small Ways to Make Your Shipping More Sustainable

Top of mind for most companies right now, supply chain sustainability involves a broad scope of activities that start at the point of raw materials and finish when the final product arrives at the end user’s doorstep or dock. At all points along the way there are opportunities to work in a more sustainable manner. […]

3 Tips to Become a Carrier of Choice

You often hear about businesses striving to become a “shipper of choice” or preferred shippers. Those terms refer to companies that are making changes to be more “carrier friendly”. That includes everything from shortening facility wait times and changing multi-stop routes to single stop routes to training employees and adding clean bathrooms to their waiting […]

Weekly Freight Market Update: How Low Can Tender Rejection Rates Go?
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Capacity continues to be abundant across the nation. National tender rejection rates hit a 12-month low on Tuesday, April 9 — reaching 4.85%. However, on Wednesday, April 10, tender rejection rates jumped 13.2% — the largest single-day increase of the year so far — to 5.5%. It’s possible that tender rejection rates have hit a […]

RFP 2.0 – Improving the Shipper RFP experience

In a three-part series, we are going to show a different approach for shippers to get the most out of their RFPs.   The RFP is a key part of the planning process for many high-volume shippers. The goal of the RFP is to help a shipper find the best carriers at the best prices, […]

Weekly Freight Market Update: Shippers Hop Into Candy Season
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Last week, we entered the expected beginning-of-the-quarter lull. Volumes fell by nearly 4% this week but remain above February levels. Tender rejections also fell this week as primary freight continues to be accepted by carriers. Compared to this time last year, the market is up 3.4%. But making freight market comparisons to the same week […]