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Soft October Industrial Activity Points to a Two-Speed American Economy
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Industrial activity was soft in October, posting its second consecutive year-over-year decline. Some of the results can be written off to one-off factors — the residual effects of the General Motors strike that ended mid-month, and a strong comparable for October 2018.  The economy faced a number of headwinds in September that weighed on industrial […]

Improving the lives of America’s 3 million truck drivers

Trucking is the backbone of commercial transportation in America. It’s not hard to see why: the vast majority of the things we interact with every day – the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the raw materials of the buildings in which we live and work we’re all likely on multiple trucks by […]

Building the most efficient digital freight network, eliminating billions of waste in trucking

The inefficiencies in trucking are not new. For years,  people have talked about empty miles, yet 35% of all miles are still driven empty. There is a shortage of drivers, yet detention and payment remain a hassle. Drivers spend an average of 2.5 hours loading or unloading at each stop. These issues eventually translate into […]

Transforming the way we transport freight – the road to endless capacity and zero waste

We are at an opportunistic moment in freight. Today, smartphones are in the vast majority of trucks, automation and machine learning capabilities are being deployed at scale, and companies of every size are trying to optimize supply chains to improve their bottom lines and reduce their carbon footprints. Even so, the global freight industry continues […]

Convoy Veteran Heroes: An oral history

Today we thank and recognize the servicemen and women nationwide for all they do to keep our country safe. Convoy has around 30 veterans working in all parts of the company in both our Atlanta and Seattle offices. Nine veterans, with more than 80 years of combined military service, answered our questions about their transition […]

Veteran carriers: Enter to win a $500 fuel card

Many veterans have found a second calling in trucking. From Friday, Nov. 8 to Tuesday, Nov. 12 Convoy will honor those who served in the armed forces and continue to serve on the highways.  As a small token of our gratitude to thank you for your service, Convoy is giving away three fuel cards (values […]

Announcing direct-from-shipper loads, enabling carriers to access 10x more spot freight

Convoy has launched direct-from-shipper loads nationwide, a new capability that provides carriers access to 10x the amount of spot freight from America’s largest shippers.  One of the biggest problems that carriers face is having to call and work with many different brokers to find the best next load to haul. It is very time consuming […]

Convoy Moonshot Week 2019 – A Week of Innovation
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At Convoy, innovating deliberately is one of our core values, with an emphasis on creating products and features that improve the operations of shippers and the lives of carriers. To put this into action across the company, we dedicate a full week each year to take big swings and focus on projects that drive impact […]

One-Off Factors Weigh Down September Industrial Activity
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Industrial activity was weak in September, buffeted by adverse weather, tough times in farm country, labor disruptions, and the continuing trade war. After posting a modest rebound in August, industrial production hit another rough spot in September and was down 0.16 percent from a year earlier. Manufacturing and consumer goods showed even sharper declines. But […]

Automated Reloads Are Reducing Empty Mile Carbon Emissions by 45%
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Today, Convoy is proud to share that bundling loads through our Automated Reloads program is yielding a 45% decrease in CO2 emissions from trucks running empty less often. Launched nationwide in June, Automated Reloads algorithmically groups multiple full-truckload shipments for carriers — minimizing empty miles, eliminating time wasted between loads, and lowering the resulting unnecessary […]