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Global Supply Chain Disruptions Derail Expected Rebound in January Industrial Output
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Industrial production continued to disappoint in January, dashing late-December hopes of a new start for the U.S. economy in the new year. The sectors with the biggest trade exposure (e.g., industrial manufacturing) faltered while the sectors that rely on domestic consumption (e.g., food and beverage, furniture and appliances) were rare points of strength. Unseasonably warm […]

With Trade Tensions Resolved, December Data are Old News
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The freight economy continued to contract in December, capping a year of steady retrenchment in truckload demand according to data released this morning by the Federal Reserve Board.  The data came in soft, in line with expectations. Some of this can be written off to an unseasonably warm start to winter across much of the […]

The Logbook: The Making of a Legacy with Mandip Mahil

Convoy is dedicated to better understanding the everyday experiences and problems carriers face behind the wheel. Today, we sit down with Mandip Manhil from Puyallup, Washington to discuss his journey through the trucking industry. Mandip has been involved in trucking for over 20 years and first began using Convoy to find and book loads in […]

Convoy Launches Hassle-Free Lumper Payments For Carriers Nationwide

Today, Convoy announced the launch of an industry-first feature for carriers: hassle-free lumper payments via EFS (Electronic Funds Source) integration in the Convoy’s mobile app. Carriers can now request and receive lumper payment codes immediately, with just a few taps on their mobile device – eliminating the time-consuming phone calls and out-of-pocket expenses that can […]

Convoy Reaches 100% Automated Brokering in Top Freight Markets
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Today, Convoy announced another first in the trucking industry: 100% automated brokering of loads to carriers, comprised of matching and pricing, on lanes in top freight markets including Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, and Los Angeles, among others. In February 2019, Convoy announced 100% automated load matching. With today’s milestone, we have now achieved 100% automated load […]

4 Ways Shippers Save Money Using a Transportation Management System (TMS)

As the year comes to a close, shippers are planning for 2020 and setting goals to increase efficiency and cut costs. Ideally shippers have the technology and data to understand how they can improve both, but many don’t. One of the best ways to start saving money is by implementing a Transportation Management System (TMS) […]

Was November a Turning Point for Freight Demand?
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With today’s November industrial activity data, it’s likely that the worst of the freight recession is now squarely in the rearview mirror. The November report was a clear improvement from October, though it’s important to keep some caveats in mind. It was always going to be easy to beat October: The closing days of the […]

5 Ways Shippers Save Time Using a Transportation Management System (TMS)

If you work in freight, you know the value of time. More time gives you more flexibility to respond to the inevitable exceptions that occur when moving product. More time also lets you step back and figure out how to improve your freight network instead of focusing on the day-to-day operations of moving freight. So, […]

MercuryGate & Convoy Now: Helping Shippers Navigate Market Volatility and Improve Lead Time

Earlier this year we launched Convoy Now, a program that gives shippers, Transportation Management Solution (TMS) providers, Managed Transportation Providers (MTPs), and other logistics companies direct access to Convoy’s automated real-time pricing and guaranteed capacity. Together with leading TMS provider MercuryGate, we deliver Convoy’s automated real-time rates to their shippers, providing savings in the cost […]

The 2020 Outlook for the Freight Industry
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This week Convoy hosted a webinar looking back at the key market forces driving the freight industry in 2019, and explored how unresolved questions from the past year might shape the market going into 2020. There remain substantial uncertainties about the economic outlook for the coming year. To some degree, there always are. But for […]