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April/May report: get ahead of freight trends and seasonality
Industry insights

Convoy’s April/May Market Update highlights trends we’ve seen recently and expect to see this spring. The driver shortage, while nothing new to the freight industry, has become a hot topic in the news since the ELD mandate officially went live on April 1, 2018 after a 3-month grace period. But what does this actually mean […]

#TRUCKYEAH A Big Thank You to the Carriers at MATS

This year at the Mid-America Truck Show (MATS), Convoy was given the opportunity to meet carriers hailing from all over the United States. From dispatchers working at a dry van company out of California, to an owner operator with a sole reefer out of New York, carriers from all walks of life visited our booth […]

Carrier Snapshot Report Q1 2018
Industry insights

For both the 30 year veteran and the new owner-operator, 2017 proved to be a memorable year. The perfect storm of driver capacity crunches, hurricanes, and federal mandates created a market where truck prices surged and marketplace balance shifted. While this meant increased driver earnings across the country through the latter half of the year […]

Case study: Speeding up the supply chain

Learn how the leading private bottled water manufacturer (Bottled Water co.) in the United States increases the speed of their supply chain with Convoy’s innovative trucking services. For most stores, the average order-to-shelf time is over 7 days for most of their beverage suppliers. For this private bottled water manufacturer, average order-to-shelf is just 3 […]

March/April report: get ahead of freight trends and seasonality
Industry insights

If you’ve ever talked to experienced carriers, they talk about freight in seasons: produce season, Christmas tree season, potato and onion season, etc. Carriers understand the cyclical trends that affect freight in the United States and change their strategy to accommodate these shifts. Whether Chinese New Year is affecting L.A. imports or there are capacity […]

The Twenty Minute VC with Dan Lewis

Dan Lewis, CEO and Co-founder of Convoy, recently chatted with Harry Stebbings on the 20 Minute VC Podcast. Check out the episode here: CLICK TO PLAY CLICK TO LISTEN ON ITUNES They covered a range of topics including: How to think about choosing the right investors and enhancing board chemistry How investors can help build credibility and […]

Convoy Driver Playlist: Top 100 Hits

At Convoy, we love getting the opportunity to learn more about you, our Carriers! That’s why we recently reached out to learn about what you like when you’re on the road – from your favorite foods (jerky, fruit, and nuts being top choices) to your favorite songs to throw on repeat while driving down that […]

The Vicious Cycle: Spot Market Volatility and Primary Tender Acceptance

It’s no secret that shippers have been faced with a particularly challenging freight environment over the past three quarters. The combination of newly-enforced ELD regulations and a strong economy have wreaked havoc on routing guides and transportation budgets across all modes, causing unprecedented volatility. The statistic above, provided by DAT1 , references the fact that […]

Convoy and Goodyear Bring Exclusive Perks to All Convoy Carriers

Whether you’re an owner operator, a small trucking company, or a large fleet, we understand the wear and tear that your equipment takes on a daily basis, as well as how important it is to keep the cash flowing instead of having it tied up in big purchases or costly repairs. That’s why we’re excited […]

Get your detention approved instantly with Convoy

Detention is one of the biggest issues affecting the trucking industry today1. DAT research shows that nearly 63% of drivers spend more than 3 hours at the shipper’s dock each time they’re loaded or unloaded. All that time adds up to more than 4 billion hours that truck drivers spend waiting at facilities each year2. […]