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Joyin quickly responds to COVID-19 challenges using Convoy shipper platform

“Our theme always is ‘the fun starts here’ – we have everything you need – toys, party supplies, home decor, and more,” says Phoebe Chang, National Sales Manager at Joyin. Founded in 2015, Joyin has grown to become one of the fastest-growing manufacturers of toys, party supplies and seasonal products in North America. The team […]

In response to COVID-19, Convoy announces partnership with Goodyear to provide tire discounts and roadside assistance to carriers

Today, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, truckers are driving longer and wearing tires down faster to haul essential loads and keep our supply chain moving. Convoy and Goodyear, a trusted leader in the tire industry, want to help these heroic drivers. Effective immediately, we are providing roadside assistance as well as online tire discounts […]

COVID-19 Freight Update: What Jobs Report Data Tell Us About Trucking
Freight Research

Friday morning the United States will get its first comprehensive look at how the labor market is faring amid the turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic when the Department of Labor publishes the March Employment Situation report, commonly known as the “Jobs Report”.  Today we’re sharing the fourth of our twice weekly video series covering the […]

5 Years of Convoy

Today marks Convoy’s fifth birthday. We have many things to be proud of, yet it’s hard to feel celebratory given what’s happening in the world right now. More than ever, we appreciate the millions of hard working people who are moving the freight that is so vital to our country during normal times, and particularly […]

Coronavirus and Freight: What are the long-term impacts?
Freight Research

No one quite knows what the lasting impacts of the coronavirus pandemic will be for the freight industry. If past crises are any guide, moments of crisis tend to accelerate shifts that were already underway. But there are also points of continuity.  Today we’re sharing the third of our twice weekly video series featuring Ari […]

Coronavirus and Freight: Market Outlook Video (March 26, 2020)
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This has been a rollercoaster of a week and it’s not even Friday. Financial markets recorded record losses on Monday, record gains on Tuesday, and another big increase on Wednesday. Will the proposals being considered in the nation’s capital be enough to sustain the economy while businesses are shuttered and states on lockdown? Today we’re […]

Coronavirus and Freight: Market Outlook Video (March 24, 2020)
Freight Research

There’s no shortage of media coverage about COVID-19’s broad impacts. We hear from our shippers and from the carriers in our network that there’s an appetite for analysis on what the current coronavirus outbreak means for supply chains and for the freight industry from the perspective of a Digital Freight Network. That’s why today we’re […]

COVID-19 and Freight: What’s next for demand? Will truck supply contract?
Freight Research

Earlier this week we shared our initial thoughts on the freight market given the volatile economic environment of the past two weeks. In moments of great uncertainty there is, by definition, more noise than signal. Our goal is not to add to the noise, but to simply state facts about the freight market and the […]

A new sustainability program with Feeding America to reduce waste and rescue food from supply chains

Today we are excited to announce a new collaboration with Feeding America®, the largest hunger-relief organization in the United States, to deliver consumable food and beverages to food banks across the country instead of disposing of it in landfills. Convoy’s Digital Freight Network will now use Feeding America’s MealConnect technology which will enable truckers across […]

AWS Fix This Podcast featuring Convoy

Today’s Fix This podcast by AWS features Aaron Terrazas, Director of Economic Research at Convoy and Jennifer Wong, Director of Sustainability at Convoy to share how Convoy is addressing the inefficiencies in freight and helping their customers make progress in achieving their corporate sustainability goals. Listen here Podcast transcript Ray Rogers: I’m Ray Rogers.  Brad Kepler: […]