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Freight News and Product Updates

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Identify the best carrier for each shipment with Convoy Connect’s new carrier selection screen

Convoy has built a new carrier selection experience in Convoy Connect TMS that gives shippers more information and options to help them quickly identify the best carrier for the job. When a shipper relies on spreadsheets and emails, choosing the best carrier that offers the right combination of competitive pricing and strong performance is a […]

The Basics of FTL shipping

What is FTL shipping? FTL is industry shorthand for full truckload, or a truckload–most often a dry van or reefer–with a dedicated shipment from a single shipper to a single location. You may also see it referred to as just TL, or truckload. The alternative is LTL, or less than truckload, which is a truckload […]

Utilization of Convoy’s Industry-First Hassle-Free Lumper Payments Surpasses 70%

We’ve seen widespread adoption of our hassle-free lumper payment feature. Announced in January, our industry-first feature for carriers is integrated directly into our app so carriers can request and receive lumper payment codes immediately, with just a few taps on their mobile device. With every load and carrier in our digital freight network eligible to […]

Improving Supply Chain Resilience with Shipper Insights
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Every day when your loads are picked up and dropped off at facilities around the country, how do you know which of your warehouses and distribution centers are performing well and which aren’t? For example, if one of your warehouses started experiencing higher detention rates, how quickly would you find out, and how easily could […]

What is a carbon footprint?

The impact of our carbon footprint Everything we do, buy, or eat impacts a person’s carbon footprint either directly or indirectly. Driving to work or flying cross country for a vacation directly results in carbon emissions, while buying something online from China has an indirect carbon emission effect. The important thing to realize is that […]

Contract, Backup, and Spot: How Convoy’s Digital Freight Network Delivers in all Market Conditions

The recent demand shocks driven by COVID-19 created a ripple effect throughout the freight market, destabilizing contract rates and driving surges in backup and spot loads. As the market quickly tightened and then just as quickly contracted to pre-crisis levels, our industry saw market conditions in a period of several weeks that normally play out […]

Asset-based Carriers: 7 Things Shippers Should Know
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Asset-based carriers are trucking companies that work directly with shippers and own their equipment. Asset carriers can be a reliable partner, but this depends on how well the carrier’s capabilities align with a shipper’s freight network and transportation needs.

Dairy MAX and Convoy Deliver Thousands of Gallons of Milk to Food Banks Across the Southwest

Dairy MAX, a nonprofit Dairy Council representing 900 dairy farm families, and Convoy have teamed up to help families in need by coordinating milk donations from local dairy processors to be delivered to mass food bank distribution sites across the Southwest. To date, more than 13,000 gallons of Borden Dairy milk have been delivered in […]

The Rule of 90/90/30 – Is Your Routing Guide Healthy?

One of the biggest benefits of a transportation management system (TMS) like Convoy Connect is that it captures all of the activity of managing freight, such as picking carriers and receiving bids, and turns it into metrics for shippers to understand the performance of their routing guide.  When shippers learn about this, their response is […]

Green Appointment Windows and Their Impact on Sustainability

Due to the fragmented nature of the trucking industry, Convoy’s digital freight network provides opportunities for shippers and drivers to experience efficiency gains, and it is no different when it comes to sustainability. One area of active research for Convoy is shipment appointment setting, and in this article, we’ll be talking specifically about its impact […]