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Every day, logistics teams respond to unpredictable shifts in demand for their companies’ goods. As consumer expectations rise, so do the requirements on supply chain performance. As supply chains become more connected and complex, so do the points of vulnerability to disruption.

In the past few months, logistics teams have faced soaring tender rejection rates. In May, the FreightWaves Outbound Tender Reject Index was at near-zero levels. As of this week, it’s over 23%. With this volume of contract freight getting rejected, many logistics teams are in need of reliable spot freight coverage.

Instant backup and spot rates with 100% guaranteed coverage provide a safety net for logistics teams facing record-high tender rejection Seattle, WA — August 20, 2020 — Convoy, the nation’s most efficient digital freight network, today announced five new partnerships with transportation management system (TMS) providers. The partnerships with Blue Yonder (previously JDA), FreightPOP, Recon […]

This is the second post in our Supply Chain AI series. For an introduction to AI and how ML can automate freight logistics, read our first blog: How machine learning can help move your freight.  Chocolate and peanut butter. Lennon and McCartney. Machine learning and freight. A few things in this world were destined to […]

In this training session, a Convoy expert will teach you everything you need to know about quoting, booking, and tracking shipments with the Convoy shipper platform. Plus! Learn how Convoy’s digital freight network and team of operations specialists work behind the scenes to get your shipment delivered on-time and at-cost. There are currently no upcoming […]

We’ve come a long way in the world of supply chain visibility. In the span of a generation, phone calls and emails have been eclipsed by a variety of tools promising to unlock supply chain visibility. A shipper’s toolbox could never be more full of potential solutions, all promising to increase logistics transparency. Visibility within […]

You’ve probably seen a headline or two about the use of AI in supply chain management, or how artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionizing supply chain operations.  Despite the ink in the media, it’s surprisingly difficult to track down a plainspoken description of what machine learning is, how it works, and why it’s so […]

Today we are introducing dedicated freight to provide every owner-operator and small fleet carrier in our network with equal access to predictable work and income. Every carrier in our network can bid on dedicated freight contracts within the Convoy mobile app, reducing time spent securing individual loads enabling carriers to focus on driving and generating […]

Getting the right product on time to small winemakers, who often don’t have sufficient storage space and are tucked away in remote corners of the Santa Cruz Mountains, requires experienced carriers who know what they’re doing. Encore found those carriers, but it didn’t have a way to efficiently manage its relationships with them until Convoy.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents the ‘Company of the Year’ award to an organization that demonstrates excellence in terms of innovation and growth in its field. Within the freight industry, growth in the digitization of freight providers has accelerated in recent years, driven by a need to reduce inefficiencies in the shipment lifecycle, improve […]

As consumer expectations rise and the market is increasingly volatile, it should come as no surprise that supply chain visibility is on the top of many shippers’ minds. The ability to leverage supply chain technology to lower transportation costs, reduce waste, and uncover hidden inefficiencies has become a requirement for shippers to stay competitive. A […]

The traditional freight tendering, bidding, and acceptance process revolves around phone calls, emails, and faxes. The modern version of that process happens through an automated process that inherently collects tons of data. In order to automate the brokering process and track shipment progress from start to finish, Convoy collects more than 1,000 supply chain data […]

Supply chain visibility gives shippers awareness of how their goods move through a supply chain. This includes tracking each shipment’s location and the facilities it passes through. It also encompasses the aggregation of data that can surface trends and anomalies, and painting the bigger picture of a supply chain’s performance.  The combination of micro and […]