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Convoy was recently called upon to help deliver much-needed food service supplies donated by Dart Container Corporation of Mason, Michigan. Dart, one of the world’s largest food and beverage packaging manufacturers, donated two truckloads of foodservice products — approximately 90,000 lbs. of goods — to Matthew 25: Ministries (M25M) in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Many shippers have heard the term digital freight network (DFN) thrown around over the past few months. DFNs are often associated with automation, visibility and efficiency, but what exactly does all of this mean for small businesses? Here are four ways that a DFN is specifically set up to help small shippers lower costs and get exceptional freight shipping services through speedy coverage, increased efficiency, and higher service levels.

Shippers – It’s the start of the week and you are back at your desk looking at what orders need to move, where they need to go and when. You have hot loads, carrier falloffs, and run-of-the-mill business. Convoy is here to help get your shipments moving on time and at-cost.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents the ‘Company of the Year’ award to an organization that demonstrates excellence in terms of innovation and growth in its field. Within the freight industry, growth in the digitization of freight providers has accelerated in recent years, driven by a need to reduce inefficiencies in the shipment lifecycle, improve […]

As consumer expectations rise and the market is increasingly volatile, it should come as no surprise that supply chain visibility is on the top of many shippers’ minds. The ability to leverage supply chain technology to lower transportation costs, reduce waste, and uncover hidden inefficiencies has become a requirement for shippers to stay competitive. A […]