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Through its partnership with Convoy, Ardagh Group saved 34,632 pounds of CO2 in the past year by maximizing efficiency and eliminating empty miles This case study was originally published on FreightWaves.If you like this story, you’ll love our other Shipper Testimonials. For the environmentally minded consumer, dropping an empty soda can or beer bottle into a recycling […]

As any economist will tell you, supply and demand are primary drivers of price. Freight rates are no exception. When carrier supply is low and shipper demand is high, prices rise. When supply is high and demand is low, prices fall. The logistics industry refers to these conditions as tight and soft markets. An understanding […]

Prior to the onset of COVID, tourism came under fire for the impact it was having on destinations. Many locations like Venice, Machu Picchu, Amsterdam, Iceland, and the Galapagos Islands were working to restrict tourism because of the negative impact the high numbers of visitors were having on the local community. Yet, as with any […]

Today we released the 2020 Freight Insights Report, an examination of trends in the North American freight industry throughout the historic year. Convoy’s industry-leading data science and insights teams reviewed our proprietary freight data along with the best transportation and economic data that’s publicly available to assemble this report. The 2020 Freight Insights Report marks […]

Most businesses have a pretty clear idea of where their sustainability focus should be. After the initial “quick wins” involving efficiency and streamlining internal processes, organizations then begin to dig deeper to evaluate what’s next for them on their sustainability journey. Quite often, however, an unforeseen event occurs which sheds light on where a business […]

Convoy’s shipping platform helped with shifting inventory and rapid growth This case study was originally published on FreightWaves.If you like this story, you’ll love our other Shipper Testimonials. While COVID-19 brought doom for some retailers, it was a boon for others. Forced lockdowns drove consumers to buy less apparel and more home decor, gym equipment and, believe […]

When organizations begin to incorporate sustainability practices, they must recognize it is a journey. Sustainability is not something to be done once and checked off the “to do” list. It is an ever-evolving process which flows throughout an organization and delves deeper into the fabric of a company with each passing year. Sustainable practices are […]

As we continue to delve deeper into the business of sustainability, we wanted to talk about “sustainable mobility” — everything that moves within an organization. This includes last-mile delivery (the movement of goods from a transportation hub to the final delivery destination), workers commuting on a daily basis, customer travel to stores, etc. One company […]

Shippers can now reduce unnecessary pickup and delivery delays by streamlining communication between their warehouses and drivers using Convoy’s Automated Bill of Lading (BOL) generator, available in both the Convoy shipper platform and Convoy Connect TMS. BOL’s are industry-standard documents used to communicate the timing, product mix and destination of a shipment with warehouses. With […]

Convoy helps drive asset utilization in A-B’s private fleet This case study was originally published on FreightWaves.If you like this story, you’ll love our other Shipper Testimonials. More than ever, the world’s largest and most sophisticated shippers are using logistics technology to drive efficiencies in their supply chains and meet corporate sustainability goals. Consumers, employees […]

This case study was originally published on FreightWaves. If you like this story, you’ll love our other Shipper Testimonials. CHEP’s iconic blue pallet is not just a product offered to customers—it’s also a unique source of data that helps eliminate waste across CHEP’s network of partners, which include most of the largest consumer packaged goods […]

Absolutely every company in business today has the ability to become more sustainable — it’s an undeniable fact. Organizations can implement basic steps like reducing paper use, incentivizing employees to use public transportation, and switching to LED lighting, or they can take a much deeper dive and look into product sourcing, how their manufacturing processes […]

Breaking the trend of recent months, November retail data disappointed while factory output data (released yesterday) generally beat forecasts. The combined data provide a portrait of the freight economy on the eve of the most recent wave of community lockdowns and just before the official start of the holiday shopping season Here are a couple […]

In corporate boardrooms around the world, there are lively debates about sustainability and how much a company’s investment in more sustainable practices will negatively impact its bottom line. Adopting more sustainable practices is mistakenly viewed as a trade-off — something an organization might be forced to do at some point, but without any type of […]

What is “drop-and-hook” freight? “Drop-and-hook” is the trucking industry’s term for when a driver drops a full container at a facility and hooks their tractor to a pre-loaded trailer at the same facility. This grab and go efficiency makes drop-and-hook a win-win: reducing transportation costs for shippers, increasing potential earnings for carriers, and saving time […]

Trucking firms continued to add jobs in November according to data released this morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Trucking industry employment increased by 0.9% (12,700 jobs, seasonally adjusted) in November, an accelerating pace from the 0.5% (7,400) pace reported from September to October. Compared to a year ago, truck transportation employment is still […]