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Government data released this week provided the latest official read on the state of U.S. factories and consumers — two critical pillars of freight demand. Outside seemingly omnipresent natural disaster zones, freight demand has been distinctly cooler in early September, though relative to historic norms it remains strong. As consumption and production patterns settle into a […]

Sustainability can truly become harmonious with a business when it is an integral pillar of a company’s DNA versus being an afterthought. When sustainability is literally baked into the brand, then how a company operates, everything it produces, its policies and procedures, interactions with suppliers and vendors, etc. are all viewed through a sustainability lens […]

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) monthly Employment Situation Report is widely recognized as the most authoritative portrait of real-time economic activity. But for the freight industry, the report provides an incomplete snapshot of the state of trucker employment.  This morning’s data showed a 0.7% (10,000, seasonally adjusted) increase in truck transportation jobs in August […]

Every day, logistics teams respond to unpredictable shifts in demand for their companies’ goods. As consumer expectations rise, so do the requirements on supply chain performance. As supply chains become more connected and complex, so do the points of vulnerability to disruption.

Sustainability in business — exactly how can it be established, managed, and monitored? For companies starting up circa 2020, sustainability can be a huge component of their founding mission. But for others who have been around for quite some time, how do you begin to incorporate sustainability into operations, policies, procedures, and overall mindset where […]

We’ve talked to hundreds of people working for transportation teams at small companies. One of the most common things we hear is that they “wear many hats” and can be responsible for everything from quoting customers, to getting shipments covered, to reconciling invoices. Convoy helps simplify the entire logistics workflow by providing tools and technology […]

Sustainability in business is defined as operating an enterprise which has minimal negative impact on the global or local environment, community, society, or economy. Quite often, the “Sustainability” umbrella encompasses Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which refers to a company’s commitment to be good stewards of the environmental and social landscape in which they operate. CSR […]

In the past few months, logistics teams have faced soaring tender rejection rates. In May, the FreightWaves Outbound Tender Reject Index was at near-zero levels. As of this week, it’s over 23%. With this volume of contract freight getting rejected, many logistics teams are in need of reliable spot freight coverage.

At some point in every company’s evolution — whether it be at the inception or farther down the line — the sustainability conversation will arise. Incorporating sustainable business practices might be driven by internal proponents; as a result of the need to keep up with the competition; or, quite often, by consumer demand. Recent data […]

Enormous uncertainties continue to loom over the horizon for the remainder of 2020, but broad sectors of the economy are already laying their plans. Despite the difficult economic climate, sustainability remains a priority — in some cases, increasingly so.  In early July, we surveyed 139 shippers in Convoy’s network about their expectations for their businesses […]