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Data-driven 2021 year in review shows how Convoy shippers #getshipdone

Data Science, ShippersPublished on January 13, 2022

Over the past six years, Convoy has built the most tech-connected carrier network in the nation. Today, more than 300,000 trucks move with our GPS-enabled app, which captures more than 1,000 data points on every load and sends facility insights to shippers in real time. 

2021 highlights from across our digital freight network include:

  • Shippers received to-the-minute tracking on more than 95 percent of live loads and 100 percent of drop loads. 
  • Carriers have now provided more than 2.7 million facility reviews and ratings (and 40,000 emojis!), which shippers use to improve their facility operations.  
  • Together, shippers and carriers avoided more than 775,000 empty miles and saved more than 2.7 million pounds of carbon emissions by shipping responsibly with Convoy. 

Now, we celebrate. Our first-ever year in review honors how each of our shippers got ship done in a year like no other. They’re receiving a hyper-personalized, data-driven look at shipment history and empty miles avoided with Convoy’s digital freight network in 2021. It’s hitting inboxes today.

The data within each year in review is just a sliver of the data shippers can access on demand in their insights dashboard, but it offers transportation teams a chance to look in the rearview mirror and celebrate all of the ship they got done with Convoy in 2021. 

What’s inside the year in review

Each year in review is unique to each shipper and unique to 2021. They can see: 

  • Completed shipments – Shipments successfully delivered to their destinations.
  • Miles driven – Miles driven by Convoy carriers to deliver a shipper’s freight. 
  • Unique carriers – How many individual carriers moved a shipper’s loads, no matter how many times they did it. 
  • Empty miles avoided – Empty miles prevented through our automated reloads program, which automatically batches full truckloads for greater efficiency.
  • Carbon emissions saved – Amount of carbon in pounds saved as a result of those avoided empty miles. 
  • Unique lanes – How many individual lanes a shipper ran with Convoy, no matter how many times we shipped on the lane.
  • Network of trucks – Convoy shares each load to thousands of qualified carriers through our app. This number represents how many carriers viewed or bid on a shipper’s lanes. 
  • Top lanes by volume – A shipper’s top three lanes by volume, which will include the pickup and delivery location and the number of shipments moved along each.
  • Top-rated facility and star rating – Based on written reviews and star ratings provided by the carriers that delivered into a shipper’s facilities. More on this below.

To receive a year in review, shippers had to have moved 50 loads or more with Convoy in 2021.

A look at facility reviews and ratings

The year in review celebrates a shipper’s top-rated facility and its star rating, as nominated by the carriers on the ground. Every carrier has the opportunity to share in the Convoy app a written review and star rating of their facility experience. 

Carriers give the highest reviews to facilities that respect their time. That’s one of the insights we talk about in Convoy’s 2021 Annual Freight Insights Report, highlighting 2021 freight trends and facility insights from Convoy’s more than 2.7 million written reviews and star ratings.

Forward-thinking shippers look to facility insights as their competitive advantage. Convoy shippers can contact their account manager for a deeper look at their facility operations, or log in to their insights dashboard to see performance on dwell times, accessorial spend, and more.

Reduced carbon emissions in 2021

Each year in review shows a shipper’s direct impact on eliminating empty miles and reducing carbon emissions. Because a Convoy year in review wouldn’t be complete without highlighting our progress toward our mission to transport the world with endless capacity and zero waste.

Collectively, Convoy’s digital freight network avoided more than 775,000 empty miles and saved more than 2.7 million pounds of carbon emissions in 2021. This is progress toward a more sustainable supply chain. And yet, with each passing year, the trucking industry generates more than 72 million metric tons of carbon emissions through empty trucks. 

We have a long way to go to #NoEmptyMiles. Here’s to making every mile count in 2022.

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