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Tito Hubert
Tito is the head of product for Convoy's shipper experience team including the Convoy Go drop-&-hook service program as well as our freight software platform for shippers. Before Convoy, Tito worked at Amazon.com and The Boston Consulting Group. Tito earned an MBA from Stanford Business School and an Industrial Engineering degree from Instituto Tecnologico de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Outside work, Tito enjoys spending time with his family, playing squash, growing vegetables in his back yard and he enjoys grilling large animals in open fires.

Posts by Tito Hubert:

Introducing Industry-Leading Drop-and-Hook Innovations

Today we’re excited to announce enhancements to our drop-and-hook service, Convoy Go, that provide customers with more flexible, reliable capacity, superior service levels, and real-time load visibility. Specifically, we’ve added predictive trailer routing, automated reloads with batched routes, and improved smart trailer telematics to our nationwide drop service. The challenge with traditional drop-and-hook has been…