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Access insights on demand, build shipments in bulk, and more: Here’s what’s new at Convoy

Convoy News, ShippersPublished on November 15, 2021

Today, we launched three new features designed to help our enterprise customers manage their freight more efficiently:

  • An insights dashboard for accessing shipment data and understanding your operational performance
  • A tool for quoting, building, and tendering dozens of loads at once
  • A dashboard for viewing your contract rates on file

Just log in with your Convoy shipper account to access these new features. And for those of you who haven’t signed up with Convoy, you can create an account today to track your loads, access shipment documentation, and tap into our network of more than 300,000 trucks.

Today’s new features will improve your team’s productivity, increase visibility across your network, and ultimately help you take control of your freight. We’re excited about the feedback we’ve received from early adopters: 

“By managing our freight and accessing shipment analytics in an easy-to-use online platform, we’re improving our team’s productivity and directly contributing to our company’s growth.” 

– Jon Hanna, Senior Logistics Manager, Wincorp International

Watch this short feature overview or keep reading to learn more.


Access real-time insights on demand

Freight data that’s clean, accurate, and complete is hard to get — unless you work with a freight provider that invests in data capture technology and has an entire network of drivers committed to using it. 

With Convoy, carriers use our GPS-enabled app to find and bid on loads, keep track of their fleet, upload shipment documents, and interact with Convoy. This is how we have industry-leading tracking on more than 95 percent of live loads and 100 percent of drop loads. Throughout the life of every load, the app captures more than 1,000 data points related to shipment status and location. 

Starting today, you can access this shipment data with Convoy’s new insights dashboard. It provides you with analytics that help you identify trends in operational performance, improve service, and reduce transportation costs. Access to this real-time data is one of the many benefits of shipping with a digital freight network.

“Convoy’s freight insights allow us to see things in real time that would’ve taken multiple people hours or days to collect and analyze. It’s significantly improving our operational efficiency.” 

– Jon Hanna, Senior Logistics Manager, Wincorp International 

Log in to your shipper account to track operational metrics like shipment volume, rate per mile, spend across spot and contract shipments, Convoy’s on-time pickup and delivery performance, accessorial spend, dwell time, and more. 

View your freight performance across the board, or dive into the details of individual shipments with a click. And because we know you’ll want to dig into the data yourself, you can customize your view directly within the dashboard or export the data for an even closer look.

If you use Convoy’s modern TMS, you can also access data and insights on shipments booked with your other preferred carriers. 

You’ll automatically get data in your insights dashboard starting with your first Convoy load — if you’re new to Convoy and want to start gathering these insights on your freight, contact us to get started. If you already ship with Convoy, request access to your existing shipper account.  

Quote, build, and tender dozens of shipments at the same time

Many of our customers tell us they still manage freight through spreadsheets and emails. They rely on phone calls to confirm load status, and are looking for ways to be more efficient.  

So we created a tool that saves time by managing shipments in bulk. Now you can quote, build, and tender dozens of shipments at the same time, all in one workflow. 

All you need to do is drag and drop a spreadsheet with your shipment details (we’ve already created the template for you). 

“Convoy reduces the chaos of freight and gives our transportation team peace of mind.”

– Jon Hanna, Senior Logistics Manager, Wincorp International

If you use our TMS, the system will also identify opportunities for consolidating shipments, reducing the number of truckloads needed to get the freight moved. This lowers your costs and reduces carbon emissions from empty miles. 

View your contract rates on file in a central dashboard

No longer do you have to track your lane rates and agreements via email and store them in spreadsheets. We designed a new contract rates page where your team can quickly audit your Convoy lanes and get up-to-date pricing on demand through a single view. 

For all of you Guaranteed Primary users who aren’t working with a fixed rate, this means you can get current pricing on a regular basis (depending on the cadence you set) and benchmark your current rates against historical rate data.

If you want to dig into your contracts, you have the ability to filter and sort within the tool or download the data for a deeper dive outside of it.  

These features are now available to all Convoy customers. Ready to see them for yourself?

New to Convoy? Contact us

Already ship with Convoy? You may already have a shipper account created. You’ll just need to log in or request access


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