Convoy guaranteed primary

Guaranteed savings. Guaranteed coverage. Guaranteed Primary. A new way to RFP.

Lower total costs and get 100% tender acceptance, guaranteed

Guaranteed Primary is the first pricing program of its kind in the industry. It starts with awarding Convoy as the primary carrier on any lane — no RFP needed. Secure high-quality capacity with a fixed margin up to 50% lower than the industry average of 15%-18%. Get dynamic rates prior to tendering, with 100% tender acceptance and full transparency into costs and savings. And, unlike traditional contract rates or cost-plus programs, Guaranteed Primary is based on a predictive pricing algorithm that allows you to see the rate in advance of tendering so there’s no need for any billing reconciliation.

Guaranteed savings for shippers

Guaranteed Primary reduces freight costs for shippers of all sizes. By eliminating RFP overhead and the operational costs associated with tender rejection, shippers can save millions of dollars annually on their transportation budget.

100% tender acceptance for peace of mind, even in tight markets

With zero tender rejections, Guaranteed Primary eliminates the need to fall back to your routing guide or the spot market, where you pay a premium for last-minute loads and reduced service quality.

Unrivaled transparency into our truck costs, margin, and more

Convoy provides full pricing transparency into our truck costs and margin for every shipment. Receive a monthly insights report with your estimated savings, including what you would have spent using an RFP or the spot market.

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A new approach to primary freight

Learn the true costs of the RFP and how it fails to deliver on all of its promises. Plus, see how Guaranteed Primary has saved shippers millions annually while providing 100% tender acceptance, all without an RFP.

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The zero-sum game of contract freight pits shippers against carriers and establishes relationships founded in mistrust. It’s time for a new alternative to the RFP.

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Ryan Gavin, Chief Marketing Officer & Marketplace Growth at Convoy, describes how Guaranteed Primary helps shippers lower their transportation costs while getting 100% tender acceptance.

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Guaranteed primary pulls out all the stops

Stop chasing trucks. Stop negotiating contracts. Stop being pushed to spot.