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Convoy guaranteed primary

Secure high-quality capacity at competitive rates up to 8% lower than the industry average—no RFP required.

A new approach to primary freight

Guaranteed Primary is an industry-first program that offers lower transportation costs without sacrificing quality, delivered at competitive rates with 100% tender acceptance.

Compare cost savings and lock in rates prior to tendering—no billing reconciliation needed.

Secure coverage without sacrificing quality

With zero tender rejections, Guaranteed Primary offers reliable capacity for your most business-critical lanes, including lanes which are hard to source, inconsistent, or have low lead times.

Optimize transportation costs across market conditions

Guaranteed Primary’s dynamic pricing automatically adjusts as the market shifts to deliver the best possible rate. This enables shippers to secure lower rates for their shipments and save in soft markets and secure capacity in tight markets.

Shifting shipments from the rigidity of RFPs and variability of the spot market helps control administration and operational costs.

Gain unrivaled transparency into total costs and estimated savings

Convoy provides full pricing transparency into our costs, for every shipment, to every shipper enrolled in Guaranteed Primary.

You’ll receive a monthly insights report with Convoy costs and estimated savings. To cultivate trust and confidence, the report also includes cost comparisons against traditional contract freight rates and spot market rates.

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How does Convoy guarantee capacity?

Guaranteed Primary taps three main levers to guarantee capacity to shippers: 

  1. Power of Our Network: We are able to guarantee capacity because of the size and scale of our nationwide network. Currently, we are one of the largest truckload networks in the nation, with more than 50,000 carriers and 400,000 trucks pulling dry and refrigerated loads. In addition Convoy has a nationwide drop-and-hook network of thousands of trailers that can be hauled by any driver in our network. 
  2. Power of Our Technology: Our in house technology features state of the art neural networks to predict demand, supply and price. The algorithms feature reinforcement learning and are constantly improving with volume.
  3. Processes & People: Prior to onboarding we review lanes, shipment volumes, capacity and trailer checks to ensure we can deliver 100% tender acceptance.

How are Guaranteed Primary rates determined?

Guaranteed Primary rates are based on Convoy’s proprietary pricing algorithms that predict the cost to source trucks and take into consideration factors such as 1) external market conditions 2) lane characteristics and 3) Convoy’s network strength.

How is this different from “cost plus” or index pricing?

In cost plus pricing programs, truck costs are determined based on the actual incurred cost once the shipment has been completed. In index-based pricing programs, truck costs are estimated based on market index for a given period at the time freight is tendered.

Guaranteed Primary truck costs are determined by algorithms that predict truck costs for a given period and time that freight is tendered. You know the rate upfront so there’s no need for billing reconciliation. Total rate is based on “predictive cost” plus margin, offering fair value for guaranteed capacity.

What are the reporting capabilities?

Trust and transparency are core to Guaranteed Primary. As a part of the program for all enrolled lanes, we share best in class Transparency Reports with you.  

The report includes the following and is shared monthly.  

  • Metrics on Shipment Profile 
  • Metrics on Volume 
  • Metrics on Performance 
  • Metrics on Truck Cost by Lane 
  • Metrics on Cost Savings

How do I enroll in Guaranteed Primary?

We will help you identify lanes where we can deliver 100% tender acceptance and share rates at the frequency of your choosing (always-on, weekly, bi-weekly). After that, incoming tenders on these lanes will be matched to Guaranteed Primary and invoiced at the rates shared.

Guaranteed coverage. Guaranteed savings. Guaranteed transparency.

Enroll your lanes in Guaranteed Primary today.