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5 Takeaways from GATS 2019

CarriersPublished on August 27, 2019

We had a great time meeting owner operators, dispatchers, and drivers in Dallas at The Great American Trucking Show . Whether or not you made it to GATS last week, we wanted to share takeaways we heard from industry professionals. 

1. Low rates cause carriers to get creative

Many owner operators, dispatchers, and drivers expressed current rates are making business difficult. To ease the pain, many carriers are focusing on dedicated freight, taking loads with guaranteed return trips, and reducing overhead.

Save on equipment costs with Convoy power only loads: Leave your trailer behind. With Convoy’s power only loads, drive your power unit to the pickup facility, hook up to our preloaded trailer, and hit the road within minutes. Once the trailer is unloaded, use our trailer to book another load, even if it’s not with Convoy.

2. Quick payments matter

Who doesn’t like getting paid quickly? But in this business, which historically runs on paper and phone calls, payments can take weeks to arrive. Many owner operators use factoring companies to speed up the payment process.

Get paid faster with Convoy Quickpay™: It’s free for carriers to use Convoy. We don’t take a cut of your profits: The rate you see is what will land in your bank account. And if you quality for Convoy QuickPay, you’ll get paid within two business days.

3. Carriers want to bid on loads

Many carriers told us they enjoy having the ability to bid on loads. Some prefer picking up the phone and talking to a broker — others enjoy bidding automatically within an app.

Bid on loads in the Convoy app: The rate you see is a starting offer. Throw your hat in the ring and place a bid.

4. Carriers want to hear from other carriers

Driving a truck can get lonely. To stay connected to others in the carrier community, many drivers told us they listen to trucking podcasts when they’re on the road.

5. Technology is a helpful tool, but trucking will always be a business about people

Carriers use tools like Convoy’s mobile app to book loads. While technology makes it easier to find work, many carriers expressed that relationships still win business. They prioritize working with shippers and brokers who treat them well and provide good customer service. 

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Convoy booth!

We hope you enjoyed GATS as much as we did — we can’t wait to see what next year has in store.

Want to share your feedback with us? If we didn’t get a chance to speak with you at GATS, we still want to hear how the Convoy app is working for you. The best way to communicate with our team is through the app — here’s how. You can also drop us a line at


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