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Kicking off the Year with Women@Convoy

Behind the ScenesPublished on February 4, 2021

The new year brings new inspiration and the Women@Convoy Employee Resource Group (ERG) is making sure our members are set up for success with all the tools, connections, and inspiration they need to make this a great year. Women@Convoy is one of seven ERGs at Convoy. We exist to empower our members both professionally and personally and to connect our members to each other as well as to female leaders in the Seattle and Atlanta communities. 

This year, we are focusing our content around quarterly themes and for Q1 the theme is Setting Yourself Up for Success: Establishing Good Habits and Routines. The remainder of the year will focus on areas including Developing Your Brand and Mapping Your Career Journey. Each quarter we host an external speaker on that topic, a book club for members featuring a book related to the subject, and monthly small group meetings so groups of women can discuss the topic in more detail and learn from each other. 

To kick off the Q1 theme, as well as 2021 programming, we co-hosted a workshop earlier this month with Black@Convoy, Convoy’s ERG for Black employees. This workshop focused on goal setting and was facilitated by Keita Williams of Success Bully. This event was open to all Convoy employees and had more than 100 attendees. This was a great chance to take a step back from a busy start to the year and think strategically about what we all want to accomplish, both professionally as well as personally. We discussed how to get clear on our values and how that will prove the drive to stick with our goals, the importance of an accountability buddy, and how to clarify your next step so big goals seem less intimidating. The part that really got the group’s attention was not only the need to get clear on what you will do to achieve your goals but also what you will not do – what you will be willing to give up to make time for what you say is important. It was clear that not giving this part as much attention is often how we get in our own way. 

During the remainder of this quarter, we will also host a time management workshop facilitated by Kelly Nolan, host a book club on The Book of Joy and celebrate Women’s History Month with a number of company-wide events. We look forward to sharing more about our journey this year and how our, and other ERGs, empower our members both professionally and personally. 


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