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Introducing Convoy ToGo, a Bold New Strategy for Work on the Road

Behind the ScenesPublished on April 1, 2022

Convoy is excited to announce a bold new program to increase productivity and bring employees even closer to the customers they serve. Inspired by Founder and CXO Grant Goodale’s recent journey across America via semi truck (coverage here, here, and here!), Convoy is moving to support a 100% mobile workforce. “Seeing the experience of America’s truck drivers first hand was an amazing experience, and my productivity during the trip was completely unimpacted. I want everyone at Convoy to have the same experience,” said Grant. 

Convoy is enabling this experience by putting employees in the passenger seat of a heavy truck, traveling the country full time and working from the comfort of an Air-Ride™ equipped seat. Seeing the nation while working at a tech company has never been easier. 

Starting in Q2 of this year, Convoy will pilot the new program, Convoy ToGo, with ten selected employees. They will travel with ten separate carriers for 12 months, experiencing all of the joys the trucking life has to offer. Each truck and driver will offer a unique experience that showcases the drivers’ personal tastes and interests.

Convoy will also be updating employee benefits in support of its new mobile workforce. Workstations for in-cab productivity will be provided, and Convoy will provide each fully mobile remote employee a stipend usable at any Loves or Flying J truckstop (found nationwide) for food, incidentals, and showers. As additional benefit, Convoy will be providing Roller Dogs: cute canines to aid in companionship, cuddles, and cab karaoke. 

In addition, Convoy announced the launch of Convoy Crash Pads, a solution for the challenges faced by 100% mobile workers operating for months at a stretch on the road. Also in partnership with major truck stop chains, Convoy Crash Pads will place chic, industrial steel micro-apartments at truck stops and select rest areas across the nation. A nod to the tiny-house movement, Crash Pads enable seamless productivity when employees want to pause their endless fun on the road and enjoy the sights and sounds of one particular location for a brief period.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be on the forefront of our mobile, remote work future,” said Dan Lewis, Founder and CEO of Convoy. “Our research has shown that our employees are capable of performing their roles from almost anywhere. Additionally, select studies show germs from sneezing travel at 50 mph; working at a constant 65 mph helps employees avoid getting sick (and seasonal allergies)! The many lifestyle and corporate tax advantages of a permanently mobile, interstate workforce make this program a win-win for everyone. I look forward to when Convoy is 100% on the road, 100% of the time.”  

Editor’s note: This is an April Fools joke.


Grant Goodale

Grant Goodale is the Co-Founder and Carrier Experience Officer at Convoy. Prior to Convoy, Grant worked at Amazon, founded and served as CEO of gaming studio Massively Fun, and held senior positions at multiple startups including Reactivity (acquired by Cisco) and Context Optional (acquired by Adobe). Grant earned computer science degrees from the University of Southern California and Cornell University.
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