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How to grow your trucking business for a fraction of the cost.

Convoy NewsPublished on June 10, 2021

No matter the size of your fleet, Convoy loves seeing carriers succeed. Beyond helping carriers find and haul freight, Convoy’s trucking business discounts program, TruckYeah Savings, helps carriers lessen the unavoidable business expenses which can make running a successful business far more challenging. Trucks routinely need fuel, maintenance, tires, and much more to keep running smoothly through the year. For those carriers looking to grow the size of their fleet, buying or renting trucks and trailers can be a big investment and a significant obstacle to overcome. This is all on top of the cash flow problems created for carriers by the time it takes brokers and shippers to pay carriers for their work, which can often be weeks, or even months. With dozens of fuel cards, tire brands, and other service providers offering their products, finding the best value is time consuming, and all too often small carriers get charged far more than large fleets. Lucky for you, Convoy is here to help!

To provide carriers access to quality business services at affordable prices, Convoy has partnered with top tier brands like TCS, Motive (formerly KeepTruckin), and Goodyear to offer industry leading discounts to carriers who are signed up with Convoy through the TruckYeah Savings program. This way, even small carriers and owner operators can focus on hauling freight and earning money instead of worrying about finding the best solutions for their business expenses. Through the TruckYeah Savings Program, carriers who haul with Convoy can save over $35,000 per truck each year. Check out what services Convoy is currently providing exclusive offers on.

Fuel Discounts – The Convoy Fuel Card provides huge discounts to carriers at over 1000 fuel stations nationwide including TA Petro, TA Express, AMBEST, Sapp Bros, Roady’s, Fuel City, and many other independent stations. Our prepaid fuel card provides best in class discounts that can go as high at 80 cents per gallon and currently averages 37 cents per gallon. In addition, if you use Convoy Factoring you will also be awarded a credit line for your fuel card.

Freight Factoring – Convoy has always offered free Convoy Quickpay™, allowing any Convoy load to be paid out in two business days, but with Convoy Factoring, you can get paid quickly on all qualifying loads, Convoy or not. To help meet your cash flow needs, Convoy Factoring provides flexible payout options that span from same day to 2 day payment. With no payment or submission fees, no monthly minimum, and a flat factoring rate, it is easy for carriers to manage their cash flow and improve their finances.

Tire Discounts – Convoy has partnered with Goodyear Tires to bring discounts typically reserved for large fleets on high quality tires all Convoy carriers. Get access to industry-leading discounts and pay up front so there are no surprise expenses to worry about when you bring your truck in. In addition, you can access Goodyear’s Fleet HQ program that allows for roadside tire delivery and installation in the event of a tire issue while you are on the road.

Preventative Maintenance – No one likes paying for truck maintenance, but it sure is important. Save up to 20% on preventative maintenance with Boss Shop preventative maintenance with locations across much of the US. Keep your truck running like new, without the sting to your wallet.

Roadside Assistance – No matter how well you maintain a truck and trailer, there will be times when something breaks and you need assistance to get back up and running. Convoy has partnered with Encore and FYX  to offer steep discounts on roadside assistance and make this necessary service more affordable. Stay covered and arrive on time to your shipments with this great Convoy discount. 

Trucks & Trailers – Looking to grow your fleet? Stay flexible by renting dry van trailers from Convoy when you need it, and haul power only when you don’t. To make buying trucks and trailers more affordable, we have partnered with industry leaders Great Dane, Penske, and Ryder to offer discounts on tractors and trailers. Expand your fleet and grow your business with these great discounts!

ELD – With the recently imposed ELD mandate, all trucks on the road are required to log their hours of service using an ELD. While this can help save you time and keep everyone on the road safe, it also costs you money. That is why Convoy has partnered with Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) to get Convoy carriers discounts on ELD subscriptions and dash cams. As your business grows, you can continue to save money on each truck you add to your fleet.

The TruckYeah Savings program provides carriers in our network with tens of thousands of dollars of savings on their most critical expenses and helps them keep more of their hard-earned money. Learn more about this program by visiting our website, or click here to sign up today.


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