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Convoy Launches TruckYeah Savings, The Most Comprehensive Discount Program In The Industry

Carriers, Convoy NewsPublished on September 14, 2020

As we celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we’re excited to launch the TruckYeah Savings program, offering carriers in our network unmatched savings of up to $35,000 on their biggest expenses. Carriers are the backbone of this country and have kept our country moving even during these especially difficult times. On average, carriers are spending nearly $120,000 per truck or 66% of their income per year that goes straight to covering their business and vehicle-related costs. They are left with just 33% of that income remaining to pay their personal bills, including mortgage, food, childcare, and provide for their families. 

For owner-operators or small fleets, these expenses leave them with just over $45,000 per year [1] to live off of. Since our inception, Convoy has made it our priority to improve the lives of these carriers by enabling them to earn more with less hassle. While we can’t rid carriers of these expenses completely, we are committed to helping them keep more of their income by providing steep savings on their significant operating costs.

Our new industry-leading TruckYeah Savings program extends substantial discounts to small fleets and owner-operators on best-in-class services and offerings that are typically reserved for large fleets and that can save them up to $35,000 per truck per year. By partnering with the best in the industry, we are providing carriers with access to the high-quality service and products they deserve. 

Introducing the TruckYeah Savings program

See the list of discounts and savings in the slides below and on the TruckYeah Savings page.

Altogether, the TruckYeah Savings program provides carriers in our network with tens of thousands of dollars of savings on their most critical expenses and helps them keep more of their hard-earned money. We created this program to benefit the carriers across our country who deliver each and every day to keep us moving forward. Carries can learn more about this program on and we plan to continue to expand the offerings in the coming months to provide even more savings. We welcome carrier feedback or suggestions for this program by emailing us.

For carriers new to Convoy, sign up here.

Learn more about about the TruckYeah Savings here.

[1] US Bureau of Labor Statistics


Lee Catherine Booker

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