TruckYeah Savings

Unlock discounts typically reserved for large fleets

Save on Fuel, Equipment, Factoring,
Maintenance, Tires, & ELDs

  • Top-of-the-Line Trucks & Trailers: Up to $10,000 per year
  • Industry-Leading Fuel Card: Over $6,500
  • Quick Payment On All Loads: Up to $7,000
  • Preventative Maintenance & Roadside Assistance: Up to $4,000
  • Exclusive Tire Discounts: Up to $1,000
  • Top-Rated ELD Devices & Services: Up to $500

Industry-Leading Discounts for Every Carrier

Convoy Fuel Card

In partnership with Apex and TCS – save an average of $.37* per gallon, with no transaction fees at 1000+ participating truck stops.

Ryder Trucks & Trailers

Save up to 30% on the largest selection of reliable pre-owned trucks & trailers. Nationwide delivery available.


Easily find loads that fit your schedule and instantly add Convoy loads to your AscendTMS schedule.

Penske Trucks & Trailers

Special discounts and financing programs on Penske’s lineup of commercial tractors, trucks and and semi-trailers.

Convoy Factoring

Qualified carriers get paid quickly for every load hauled, while still receiving free QuickPay on their Convoy loads. No ACH, invoice, sign up, or termination fees.

Boss Preventative Maintenance

Keep your truck & trailer running by saving up to 20% on preventative maintenance. Provide Convoy’s account code: 917649.

Encore Roadside Assistance

Access the best nationwide commercial roadside assistance coverage available that includes 40 miles of towing, at an industry-leading price.

FYX Fleet Roadside Assistance

Save up to 20% on 24/7 commercial fleet repairs, towing and preventative maintenance nationwide. No account required.

Tire Discounts & Fleet HQ

Exclusive online tire discounts on all Goodyear Commercial Tires & FleetHQ, with 24/7 no occurrence fee roadside assistance.

KeepTruckin ELDs & More

Keep your fleet running smoothly with free ELDs and dashcams with the purchase of a 3-year subscription.

Great Dane Trailers

Upgrade or add more trailers to your fleet by purchasing new Great Dane trailers with $0 down for qualified carriers.

Looking for more? Tell us!

We always welcome carrier input and requests for additional discounts that would help them save money.

*Average savings of $.37 per gallon is based on actual in-network client transactions for Q4 of 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fuel card does Convoy offer?

The Convoy fuel card is a cash secured fuel card that features no monthly or transaction fees (when used at participating truck stops). In Q4 of 2020, carriers using the Convoy fuel card saved an average of $0.37 per gallon! Start saving today by signing up directly in the Convoy app.

Is there a partnership that can help me expand my fleet?

Penske and Ryder are great options if you are interested in expanding your fleet. Reach out to these partners directly to find out what inventory they have available.

Are there partnerships that can help me save on roadside assistance?

Convoy’s partnership with Encore Protection and FYX Fleet provide carriers with access to roadside assistance coverage at a discounted price. Additionally, through our partnership with Goodyear, carriers have access to FleetHQ – a 24/7 no occurrence fee roadside assistance service.

Is there a partnership that can help me save on preventative maintenance?

Convoy’s partnership with Boss Truck Shops ensures carriers can save up to 20% on preventative maintenance by providing Convoy’s account code (917649).

Is there a partnership that can help me save on tire costs?

Convoy’s partnership with the Goodyear Tire Company enables carriers to save big when they buy tires both online or in person.

Is there a partnership that can help me save on ELDs?

Convoy’s partnership with KeepTruckin ensures carriers can save up to 15% on KeepTruckin’s top-rated, affordable ELDs, dashcams, fleet management technology, and monthly service fees.

Are these discounts and benefits available to every carrier?

All the benefits and discounts listed above are available to every carrier in Convoy’s nationwide network. If you’re not currently signed up with Convoy, sign up here.

Do I have to haul a certain amount of freight with Convoy to have access to these benefits and discounts?

Every benefit and discount listed above is available to every carrier in Convoy’s nationwide network, regardless of how much they haul with us. If you’re not currently signed up with Convoy, sign up here.

How many of these benefits can I use at once?

All of them! There is no limit to the number of offers a carrier can utilize, our goal is to help carriers who use Convoy increase their take home pay through discounts and time saving benefits.

Does Convoy run any special promotions with the partner companies?

Yes, Convoy occasionally runs special promotions with our partners, and we notify carriers through email when these special promotions occur. To ensure you receive these promotions, sign up to haul with Convoy today!

Why were these benefits and discounts selected?

As part of our commitment to help carriers earn more with less hassle, we have partnered with industry leaders to provide exclusive benefits and discounts. We always welcome carrier input and requests for additional discounts that would help them save money – email us!

How does Convoy choose partners for the TruckYeah Savings program?

Convoy chooses partners based on carrier input on creating a program that provides the highest quality benefits and greatest savings. If you are interested in becoming a partner please reach out to

How can I suggest partners to Convoy?

If you have suggestions on other companies or offerings you would like to see offered, please reach out to

Start Hauling with Convoy