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Keep your schedules full and trucks loaded through our new AscendTMS integration

Carriers, Convoy NewsPublished on December 17, 2020

Today, Convoy is announcing a new integration with AscendTMS, a leading Transportation Management System (TMS) provider, to help carriers efficiently find and book loads that keep their trucks full and earning. By combining the powerful business tools of AscendTMS and freight load recommendations from Convoy, the nation’s most efficient digital freight network, carriers can now optimize their schedules from within the tools they already use to run their business. 

Enabling carriers to earn more with less hassle is core to the Convoy mission. Through various product innovations, programs and partnerships Convoy has developed new ways for carriers to maximize their take home pay. 

How is Convoy enabling carriers to earn more with less hassle? 

  • Find loads faster with our AscendTMS Integration
    • By integrating with the tools that carriers already rely on to run their business, Convoy is making it easier for carriers to fill the gaps in their schedule with loads that will help them maximize their earnings. Carriers can spend less time searching for the right load by bidding on loads that have been recommended to them based on their existing truck locations, and less time managing their schedule with loads booked on the Convoy platform automatically being added to their AscendTMS schedule. 
  • Eliminate deadhead with Automated Reloads
    • With Automated Reloads, Convoy evaluates and optimizes how loads can be grouped in real-time to maximize the amount of time a carrier can spend on the road earning. In our app, carriers can bid their rates or instantly accept these pre-planned combinations of loads as a single job, ensuring that your trucks stay full no matter where they are headed.
  • Spend more time on the road by driving Power Only
    • Time is one of the most valuable resources a carrier has, extra time waiting for trailers to be loaded or unloaded reduces their earning potential. By driving power only loads with Convoy carriers can eliminate trailer loading and unloading wait times, Convoy power only loads require an average of 6 hours less to complete than traditional live loads to and from the same facilities.
  • Save big on business expenses through Truck Yeah Savings
    • Up to 66% of carriers yearly income can go to covering business and vehicle-related costs. Carriers in the Convoy network have access to exclusive discounts on ELD’s, fuel, roadside assistance, tires and more that can save them up to $35,000 per year on their business expenses.

Carriers can access all these benefits and more through the Convoy platform. 

The benefits of the new Convoy and AscendTMS integration are available to carriers across the country today, for instructions on how to integrate your AscendTMS and Convoy accounts click here. Don’t have a Convoy account yet? Set your account up today. 


Greg Akselrod

Greg is the Head of Product for Carrier Experience at Convoy. Before joining Convoy, Greg worked at and Microsoft. He earned an MBA from Foster at University of Washington and an Operations Research Engineering degree from Cornell University. Outside work, Greg enjoys spending time with his family, playing softball, and woodworking.
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