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Welcome to your Highway to Health

CarriersPublished on June 12, 2018

Today, we’re excited to announce the kickoff of, Highway to Health, a four-week series designed to share advice on how drivers can improve health and wellness.

The health and wellness of professional truck drivers is an increasing concern. This issue was ranked as the 9th most important in the industry by contributors to the American Transportation Research Institute. The goal of Highway to Health is to share ideas and advice on how drivers can live a healthier lifestyle. This kind of change is hard, so we want to make it as easy as possible so we are delivering health and wellness tips every day right into inboxes and smartphones.

This series will be led by certified health and wellness coach, Michelle Cartmel. Michelle works with individuals and groups to provide easy-to-follow solutions that make goal setting realistic and achievable.

Highway to Health will concentrate on a new theme each week, focusing on a different area of health and wellness. Each theme will feature videos, tips, and 1:1 text and phone consultations that maps to the theme of the week.

After four weeks, drivers in the program will have the tools and resources to make informed lifestyle changes to embrace healthy new habits, with a focus on amplifying current routines. Register below to receive the weekly health tips and access to join the Highway to Health Facebook group to share stories with other drivers participating in the program.

Learn more about your coach, Michelle Cartmel
Michelle Cartmel is a certified health and wellness coach, fitness enthusiast, self-taught cook and motivational partner. Michelle works with individuals and groups to provide easy to follow solutions that make goal setting realistic and achievable. From weight loss to clean eating, meal prep and fitness tips, Michelle’s back to basics, whole foods approach helps people to overcome hurdles and feel great in their skin. Her philosophy: being healthy doesn’t need to be expensive, time-consuming or flavorless; you can live a rich life when you know which foods fuel a healthy lifestyle and which foods leave you feeling empty.

Throughout the Highway to Health program, Michelle will provide nutrition know-how, daily tips, and incentives that inspire drivers to jumpstart their health journey.


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