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Interview series: The Business of Sustainability

SustainabilityPublished on July 21, 2020

Today’s executives are dealing with a complex and unprecedented brew of societal, environmental, commercial, and technological challenges — all of which require sophisticated, sustainability-based management. Oftentimes, however, senior management is reluctant to make sustainability core to their company’s business strategy due to the long-standing and incorrect assumption that the costs of sustainability far outweigh the benefits. The reality is that academic research and business experience point to quite the opposite. 

Most companies still take a fragmented, reactive, half-hearted approach to sustainability by launching ad hoc initiatives to enhance their “green” credentials, comply with regulations, or deal with emergencies rather than making sustainability a significant factor which does indeed have a direct impact on their bottom line. This viewpoint is no longer valid.

Deeply embedded sustainability efforts clearly result in a positive impact on business performance. At Convoy, our mission is to transport the world’s goods with endless capacity and zero waste. We believe in being able to grow a business while improving the environment and society as a whole at the same time. We are able to haul millions of truckloads across the country while reducing costs for shippers, increasing pay for truck drivers, and reducing billions of waste for our planet. The key is in taking a different approach to the business of sustainability.

A handful of companies are indeed capturing significant value by systematically integrating sustainability into their operations. We believe the trend is clear: more businesses will have to take a long-term strategic view of sustainability and incorporate it into the key value creation levers which drive returns on capital, growth, and risk management, as well as the key organizational elements that support the levers. Each company’s path to capturing value from sustainability will be unique, but these underlying elements can serve as a universal starting point.

Convoy’s “Business of Sustainability” interview series provides a valuable opportunity to hear directly from leaders on how they have transformed corporate cultures, demonstrated material value, and positioned their companies as sustainability leaders.

Topics include:

  • Putting sustainability into practice
  • Integrating sustainability across the business
  • Aligning sustainability with business impact
  • Starting a sustainability culture
  • Sustainability and shareholder value
  • Driving competitive advantage through stakeholder engagement
  • Improving risk management
  • Fostering innovation
  • Improving financial performance
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Attracting and engaging employees

Speakers include – 

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Sustainability at Convoy means driving positive environmental and societal impact. We are focused on reducing the billions of waste in trucking and supporting the communities where we live and work. Visit to learn about Convoy’s commitment to Sustainability.


Jennifer Wong

Jennifer is the Head of Sustainability at Convoy, helping transportation leaders make progress against their environmental and social impact goals.
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