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5 Reasons To Read & Provide Freight Facility Reviews

Carriers, Industry InsightsPublished on February 10, 2021

Freight moves a mile a minute, is it worth taking a pause to read about and review freight facilities?

Nothing throws a wrench in a drivers day like unexpected delays, confusing directions or slow loading and unloading. This is a big part of why carriers prefer to haul loads from facilities they have visited in the past. However, this can limit the number of loads you are able to take. It might also mean missing out on a high earning opportunity. To combat this issue Convoy offers carriers the ability to provide freight facility reviews for the pick up and drop off facilities they visit. Once you are signed up with Convoy you can view all these insights and more before placing a bid. 

How big is Convoy’s review network?

Carriers who work with Convoy have contributed over 1.5 million facility ratings and over 40,000 in depth reviews. This network of insights has created one of the most comprehensive databases of facility insights in the industry. Below are 5 ways that utilizing Convoy’s facility insights will benefit your business. 

5 Reasons To Read & Provide Facility Reviews
  1. Eliminate risk on new routes: If your normal route moves to a new broker or construction is making a certain highway a nightmare, it might be time to try something new. Freight facility reviews can help you pick a new route without the need to retool your entire schedule to make room for unknowns. 
  2. Provide feedback to shippers: Change can only happen if we speak up! Have you noticed certain challenges at a facility that could be easily remedied? Freight facility reviews give you a chance to share your feedback. Convoy communicates reviews back to our shippers to help them make improvements. 
  3. Confidently expand your business: There can be risk when you choose to expand your business. This risk is especially prominent if you are expanding into a new geographical region. Convoy has reviews for facilities across our nationwide network of shippers and can your with insights on facilities that are thousands of miles away. These insights are yours without you ever having to leave your state.   
  4. Show up prepared: There are certain pieces of information that can’t be found in load details, but could make your trip easier. Whether it’s your first time at a facility, or you haven’t been there for awhile, it is important to have the most up to date information. From construction alerts to knowing which side of the block to enter a facility on, skimming the latest insights from other carriers can help you leave home fully prepared for your day. 
  5. Help your fellow carriers out: By providing reviews and insights, you are helping the other carriers who share the road with you. Everyone benefits from freight facility reviews and insights which are  available to all carriers in Convoy’s digital freight network. 
Learn more about Convoy

Download the Convoy app today to check out the insights we have on facilities in your area. You can start sharing your experiences with other drivers as soon as you book a load. 

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