The free, easy way to manage all your freight

Can a free TMS work for you?

We believe you should pay for capacity, not software. That’s why Convoy’s TMS features are free for every business.

Centralize your routing guide

Track the status of all your shipments and bids submitted through a centralized dashboard. Plus, easily store and access carrier information and rates on file for each lane you run.

Track and drive network performance

Speed booking across your entire routing guide by running streamlined coverage requests and automating carrier communication.

Automate your freight

Speed booking through automated carrier communication and streamlined coverage requests that reduce back and forth with carriers. Get instant notifications for bid responses from multiple carriers and confirm coverage with the click of a button.

Try Convoy with modern TMS features

What are some of the most valuable TMS functionalities?

The main tools shippers look for in transportation management systems are:

  • All-in-one routing guide management
  • Carrier information and rates on file for each lane
  • Carrier-specific charges and fuel programs for accurate invoicing
  • Location-specific incidentals management for error-free shipments
  • Bid request automation from multiple carriers to get the best rates, with
  • Customizable shipment details
  • Freight spend tracking by pallet and unit
  • Custom reporting

How much does a TMS system usually cost?

Typical annual fees for transportation management systems vary depending on the vendor and the pricing structure. Per-load pricing models can be as high as $4.00 per shipment managed inside the system, while annual licenses can reach tens of thousands of dollars. However, there are a number of free TMS systems available today.

What is the best transportation management system for my business?

Finding the right TMS, free or paid, depends on a few key factors. First, how large is your carrier network? Often, enterprise-grade TMS solutions are necessary to manage high volumes of freight. Convoy’s integrations with leading enterprise TMS providers embeds our Dynamic Backup directly into large carrier networks. But for smaller, regional networks, free TMS solutions are frequently a preferred route.

Second, how inundated are you with emails, phone calls and spreadsheets in an effort to manage shipments? If manual processes like these have begun to feel overwhelming, it may be time to consider migrating your shipment management to a free TMS. But if this is you, make sure the solution you pursue isn’t overly expensive or complex.

With Convoy, you can quote, book and track freight online. You can also upgrade to modern TMS features in order to manage all your shipments, whether booked through Convoy or not. Request an account today to try it out, or learn more here.