For primary, backup, and spot, Convoy provides real-time market rates, automated tender acceptance, and full shipment visibility, all through your existing TMS.

We build Convoy into Kuebix, your way

Adding Convoy into Kuebix is easy, fast, and free. Our team of experts will work with you to set up an electronic data interchange (EDI) integration, tailor-made to how you manage your freight with free, ongoing customer support.

A truckload of benefits

  • Fast coverage: Know your loads will be covered, fast, with automated tender acceptance
  • Shipment visibility: Get up-to-date information on your freight with shipment status messages
  • Automated invoicing: Focus on more important stuff—our invoicing is automated and accurate

Take control with dynamic backup

Securing backup coverage can be like trying to stop a line of falling dominoes. Your primary carrier rejects a load, and valuable time is lost with each tender as you work through your routing guide.

Convoy’s Dynamic Backup gives you peace of mind in knowing you won’t need to wait for coverage, or pay higher last-minute prices on the spot market. We do this by inserting real-time market rates directly into your routing guide, letting you instantly book loads with guaranteed tender acceptance.

Our Kuebix integration makes it easier than ever to get Convoy’s Dynamic Backup in your routing guide. Plus, it’s free—no need to buy additional software.

A better approach to backup

  • Save time: Get instant coverage and help prevent service failures in tight markets
  • Save money: With 100% tender acceptance, avoid expensive, last-minute spot market rates
  • Rest easy: Ship with carriers 15% safer than the industry average

All from the most efficient digital freight network

When you add Convoy to Kuebix, you get all the benefits of our digital freight network across our nationwide full truckload services for dry vanreefer, and drop.

  • Expand capacity: Get access to one of the country’s largest sources of full truckload capacity
  • Save time: Cover loads faster through our automated freight matching
  • Save money: Reduce your total cost to ship through efficiencies in Convoy’s network
  • Ship safely: Get peace of mind knowing that our carrier quality standards are among the best in the business
  • Improve operations: Use Convoy’s unique network insights to identify inefficiencies at your facilities and improve your supply chain operations
  • Ship responsibly: Lower your carbon footprint and support your sustainability goals by reducing empty miles

More reliable capacity. More peace of mind.

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