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Trucking Rates Per Mile in Washington, D.C.

DAT Trendlines™ currently put trucking rates per mile* in Washington, D.C. at:

*Rates are based on regional averages and are not exact.

Know Before You Go

Major Roadways in Washington, D.C.

Your trip through Washington, D.C. will likely take you over at least one of the following interstate highways in the district:

  • I-66
  • I-95
  • I-295
  • I-395
  • I-495
  • I-69

Washington, D.C. Transportation Statistics

  • One corridor in the Washington, D.C. area makes the list of the 100 worst freight highway bottlenecks in the country. I-395 from US-50 to VA-236 makes No. 93 on the list.
  • The average one-way commute in Washington, D.C. takes 30 minutes, about three and a half minutes longer than the national average.
  • Eight bridges and more than 402 miles of highway in Washington, D.C. are in poor condition, and driving over roads that require repairs costs local drivers as much as $1,100 every year.

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