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Trucking Rates Per Mile in Massachusetts

Truckers can expect to receive the following trucking rates in Massachusetts*, according to DAT Trendlines™:

*Rates are based on regional averages and are not exact.

Know Before You Go

Major Roadways in Massachusetts

The following are considered major roadways in the state of Massachusetts:

  • I-84
  • I-90
  • I-91
  • I-93
  • I-95
  • US-1
  • US-3
  • US-5
  • US-6
  • US-7
  • US-20
  • US-44
  • US-202
  • State Route 1A
  • State Route 2
  • State Route 3
  • State Route 6A
  • State Route 8
  • State Route 9
  • State Route 10
  • State Route 12
  • State Route 16
  • State Route 27
  • State Route 28
  • State Route 32
  • State Route 62
  • State Route 112
  • State Route 113
  • State Route 116
  • State Route 122
  • State Route 140

Intermodal Facilities in Massachusetts

The following intermodal terminals are an important part of moving freight throughout Massachusetts:

  • CSX Grafton Street Railroad Terminal
  • CSX Intransit Container Railroad Terminal
  • Norfolk Southern Ayer Railroad Terminal
  • CSX West Springfield Railroad Terminal
  • Intransit Container Inc. Equipment Depot
  • RoadOne Intermodal Logistics New England Equipment Depot
  • Conley Container Terminal Ocean Port

Massachusetts Transportation Statistics

  • Up to 5 million vehicles travel an approximate 154 million miles across the commonwealth of Massachusetts every day.
  • Massachusetts has 14 freight railroads with over 1,000 miles of railroad track.
  • The ports in Massachusetts process 17.3 million tons of waterborne freight each year.

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