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Trucking Rates Per Mile in Denver

According to DAT Trendlines™, truckers working in the Denver area can expect to receive the following trucking rates*:

*Rates are based on regional averages and are not exact.

Know Before You Go

Major Roadways in Denver

The following interstate, toll, U.S., and state highways make up the infrastructure in Denver and may form part of your trip through the area:

  • I-25 (Valley Highway)
  • I-70
  • I-225
  • I-270
  • Colorado E-470
  • Northwest Parkway
  • US-6
  • US-36 (Denver-Boulder Turnpike)
  • US-40 (Colfax Avenue)
  • US-85
  • US-87
  • US-285 (Hampden Avenue)
  • US-287
  • Colorado 2 (Colorado Boulevard)
  • Colorado 8 (Morrison Road)
  • Colorado 26 (Alameda Avenue)
  • Colorado 30
  • Colorado 35 (Quebec Street)
  • Colorado 36
  • Colorado 44
  • Colorado 53
  • Colorado 58 (Golden Freeway)
  • Colorado 72
  • Colorado 75 (Platte Canyon Road)
  • Colorado 83 (Parker Road)
  • Colorado 88 (Federal Boulevard)
  • Colorado 121 (Wadsworth Boulevard)
  • Colorado 177 (University Boulevard)
  • Colorado 224
  • Colorado 265 (Brighton Boulevard)
  • Colorado 391 (Kipling Street)
  • Colorado 470 (Centennial Parkway)
  • Peña Boulevard

Intermodal Facilities in Denver

The intermodal facilities listed below may be helpful when carrying loads through the Denver area.

Railroad Terminals Address Firms
BNSF – Denver (Irondale) 585 West 53rd Place
Denver CO 80216
UP – 40th Avenue 4085 York St
Denver CO 80216
Equipment Depots Address Firms
Complete Container Services/Div. BVD 6515 Delaware St.
Denver CO 80221
Denver Intermodal Express, Inc. – DIX 10700 E. 40th Ave.
Denver CO 80239-3221
Transportation Specialists Ltd. – TSL N 10051 Dallas St.
Henderson CO 80640
Transportation Specialists Ltd. – TSL 10051 Dallas St.
Henderson CO 80640
Drayage Trucking Address Firms
Draymen Serving Denver Region

Denver Transportation Statistics

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