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#MoonshotWeek 2018 Was Trucking Awesome

Convoy NewsPublished on October 24, 2018

At Convoy, speed and innovation are rooted deep in our culture – they’re a part of who we are. We believe that when we remove boundaries and free people up to truly run, great things happen.

Last week was Convoy’s first #MoonshotWeek, during which the Convoy team had the opportunity to take a step back from their day-to-day responsibilities and work hard toward whatever project or goal they felt most passionate about.

Day-to-day meetings were cancelled, food and drink provided; the result was over 40 unique, creative, impactful projects. Each team had the opportunity to demo to the company to show off their hard work and creativity.

I was blown away by the ingenuity, drive, and scrappiness shown by the project teams. The level of finish, the complexity of the work completed, and the vision displayed by everyone was an inspiration and makes me proud to work with this team every day. Their work is a reminder that however far we’ve come, and we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible. I look forward to seeing these projects become core parts of Convoy’s software and service offering, and can’t wait to see what the team comes up with next year. Check out what the team had to say about the week below. If this sounds like something worth being a part of, we’re hiring!


Grant Goodale

Grant Goodale is the Co-Founder and Carrier Experience Officer at Convoy. Prior to Convoy, Grant worked at Amazon, founded and served as CEO of gaming studio Massively Fun, and held senior positions at multiple startups including Reactivity (acquired by Cisco) and Context Optional (acquired by Adobe). Grant earned computer science degrees from the University of Southern California and Cornell University.
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