Flexible Tendering: How this modern TMS supports the many ways freight moves

One of the big adjustments for shippers who go from tendering via email & spreadsheets to a Transportation Management System (TMS) like Convoy Connect is the way they tender changes. Tendering loads via email & spreadsheets is extremely flexible, but it requires you to do everything manually. Using a TMS automates much of this for you, but it typically requires you to conform to how the TMS books freight. 

You don’t have to accept this trade-off. Convoy Connect’s new booking experience provides shippers with a tendering flow that has the flexibility of emails & spreadsheets with the automation and benefits that only a TMS can provide. Here’s a quick run through.

Tender Contract Rates and Spot Bids Simultaneously 

Most shippers tender freight in one of two ways: they have rates on file with preferred carriers or they request coverage (aka “spot freight”) from carriers. But sometimes you want to do both. Maybe you have rates on file but you want to invite a new carrier to bid on the lane to ensure that you are still getting accurate pricing. Maybe you have been unsatisfied with your preferred carrier’s service and want to invite more competition via coverage requests to encourage that carrier to improve.

In a typical TMS you can’t do this. You either book a load at a rate on file or conduct a coverage request (and sometimes this requires you buying a plugin to your original TMS!). But not in Connect. You can now run both in parallel – plus we offer a Convoy rate as well. You now have three options available simultaneously on every load to get freight off your dock.

Recover Quickly From Carrier Fallof

One of the worst experiences for a shipper is when they request coverage from carriers, sift through all the email responses, pick a winner – and then the winner gives back the load. In this scenario, you have to go back through all the emails, find the next best price and then request that that carrier cover the load.

Connect makes this painless. First, the tool aggregates all the responses from carriers so there’s no more looking through emails. Then, if the winner hands back the load, it’s just another click to mark them as fallen off and award the load to the next carrier.

Connect also keeps a record that the original “winner” handed back the load so that a future performance conversation can be had.

Make the Right Decision at the Right Time

One benefit shippers get from a TMS that you don’t get from tendering via email/spreadsheets is that your carriers’ performance gets automatically tracked and turned into metrics. Connect gives you these metrics at the time of tender so that you have more information to make the right carrier decision for every load. In addition to price, you see acceptance rates and response rates, enabling you to choose the right balance of price and service level for every load.

Let Software do the Nudging for You

Many shippers who use emails and spreadsheets find that they need to remind their carriers to accept a tender or respond to a coverage request. We know you have better things to do with your time than nudge carriers to respond.Convoy Connect eliminates the need to do this by automatically sending a reminder to unresponsive carriers 30 minutes before tenders or coverage requests expire.

Maintain Flexibility and get the Benefits of a TMS

Keep the flexibility of email & spreadsheets while getting the automation and insights benefits of a TMS. Sign up for Convoy Connect today.

Convoy Connect TMS is now part of Convoy’s integrated online platform for shippers. For more information, take a look at our freight booking software.

Convoy Team
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