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Convoy Honors Over 100 Carriers With New Safety Award

CarriersPublished on February 16, 2019

Carriers that emphasize safety are vitally important to both the trucking industry and the well-being of the general public. In addition to keeping people safe on the road, carriers in Convoy’s network with higher safety scores also tend to have extremely high quality scores and service levels. We take pride in providing superior service levels to shippers, and we’re able to deliver that because of the incredible carriers in our network.

We care about the people who drive Convoy-matched loads, and we’re committed to doing our part to contribute to a safer industry. Convoy sets the safety bar higher than most brokers nationally. We want the people hauling Convoy loads to be safe for themselves and everyone else on the road.

We understand the effort and dedication it takes to run a safe operation, which is why we’re so excited to celebrate our top carriers’ hard work to foster a culture focused on safety.

Celebrating safe carriers

We recently honored over 100 of the top carriers in our network for their consistent safety practices. Throughout Q4 of 2018, these carriers exceeded our compliance and quality standards.

To have the safest carrier network in the industry, we continually measure multiple facets of safety and quality scores. Through continuous monitoring, automated input from industry sources, customer feedback, and strict safety score standards, we maintain a data-driven process to identify the best and safest Convoy carriers.

We make sure carriers are compliant with our safety standards before every load, whether they’ve taken 7 or 700 loads with us.

These carriers completed over 3,500 loads, drove over 1.4 million miles, and are based in over 20 states.

Safety Tips from Carriers

A few of our award recipients shared their best tips for making safety a top priority.

Allyson from Phoenix Truck Lines says, “Safety is discussed during orientation when a new driver is hired as well as continuously throughout their employment. Safety is about hiring the right drivers and trusting their opinions around when it is safe to operate or not.”

Ray from S&H Trucking shared that vehicle maintenance is a key factor in keeping strong safety scores. “Trucks are checked after every load, and if there is an issue it is immediately flagged to our mechanic. We also keep spare trucks to use while others are being repaired.”

Roberto from Reyn Transportation Inc. said,  “Safety is about respecting the job that we do. We want to get the job done at any cost, but no matter the job, we always have to take the public into consideration. If we are behind in a job, we are late, there is no getting around that. Better to be late than to risk people’s safety on the road. Weather will always be the key factor of how you behave on the road. Better late than never, has always been my motto, when there is rain or snow, you have to adjust your driving, many if not all of the public is not trained to deal with adverse weather conditions. You have to be on the lookout for you and the public.”

These carriers continue to raise the bar and impact the industry. Congrats to all of our carriers who received this award. Thank you for your hard work and keeping our roads safer!

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