Convoy Releases 2021 Corporate Sustainability Report

Seattle, WA — June 28, 2022 — Convoy, the nation’s most efficient digital freight network, today released the company’s second annual corporate sustainability report, titled “Ship Responsibly.” The detailed report describes Convoy’s 2021 progress and outlines three commitments for 2022: reducing empty miles and eliminating carbon emissions in trucking; operating with net-zero carbon emissions by 2040; and making the trucking profession more sustainable for smaller carriers and their drivers.

The 2021 report summarizes key metrics on the company’s environmental impact, including how Convoy is helping its customers achieve their sustainability goals while improving the lives of truck drivers. Convoy’s historical commitment to being a responsible freight partner is also detailed, as well as the company’s own carbon footprint and employee experience.

Convoy’s commitment to sustainability includes the following goals for 2022:

  • Prevent 3.8 million pounds of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere in 2022.
  • Continue to operate carbon neutral and decarbonize the trucking industry while pursuing a path to net-zero emissions by 2040.
  • Continue to build toward a future of democratizing access to freight by investing in technology that makes it more efficient for small carriers to keep their trucks full and earning.

“At Convoy, we’re committed to doing our part to eliminate wasted time and carbon emissions in the trucking industry. When we started Convoy, we didn’t know exactly how to identify and measure waste reduction in the industry, but we made learning that a priority. Today I’m proud that we’re able to produce a report like this along with eliminating 2.8 million pounds of carbon emissions in 2021 by reducing empty miles in our network,” said Dan Lewis, co-founder and CEO of Convoy. “Today we’re leading conversations about increased efficiency and reduced waste. The industry is turning a corner and, working with like minded partners, we can deliver sustainable freight.”

Additional 2021 highlights include:

  • Joining The Climate Pledge, committing Convoy to reach net-zero annual carbon emissions by 2040.
  • Partnering with the National Minority Supplier Development Council and the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council in support of Convoy’s Supplier Diversity Program and helping minority-owned and women-owned trucking businesses access freight.
  • Joining the United Nations Global Compact, in support for the development, implementation and disclosure of responsible business practices.
  • Recertifying for the fifth year as an EPA SmartWay Transport Partner, committing Convoy to measuring, benchmarking and tracking the company’s efforts to increase efficiency and fuel economy in trucking.

Driving to a Sustainable Future for the Trucking Industry

Due to existing inefficiencies in trucking, trucks drive empty 35% of the time which generates 87 million metric tons of unnecessary carbon emissions. Significant reductions in truck emissions are essential for climate change mitigation efforts. 

Convoy is championing the effort to create a more efficient trucking infrastructure for everyone. Through its Automated Reloads program, Convoy automatically identifies sets of shipments the carrier can group together as a single job. This makes it easier for the carrier to find more loads to keep their truck full and earning, while reducing carbon emissions from empty miles by 45%. If the industry as a whole were able to achieve the same efficiency improvements that Convoy has seen on its bundled shipments, it would reduce CO2 emissions by 40 million metric tons.

“At Convoy, we believe reducing carbon emissions in the freight industry is a critical step in addressing climate change today,” said Jennifer Wong, Head of Sustainability at Convoy. “The path to accomplishing this goal is rooted in collaboration, and we’re looking forward to the progress that we can make together with our shipper customers, our network of 400,000 carriers and our partners in creating a more efficient trucking infrastructure that benefits all of our businesses and the planet.”

The full sustainability report can be found HERE.

Convoy Team
Convoy is the nation's leading digital freight network. We move thousands of truckloads around the country each day through our optimized, connected network of carriers, saving money for shippers, increasing earnings for drivers, and eliminating carbon waste for our planet. We use technology and data to solve problems of waste and inefficiency in the $800B trucking industry, which generates over 87 million metric tons of wasted CO2 emissions from empty trucks. Fortune 500 shippers like Anheuser-Busch, P&G, Niagara, and Unilever trust Convoy to lower costs, increase logistics efficiency, and achieve environmental sustainability targets.