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We’re using technology to make trucking more efficient – we’re reducing waste, making the lives of truckers easier, and innovating an undisrupted industry. At Convoy, you’ll grow your skillset alongside our world-class engineering, product, data science, operations, and brokerage teams in a fast-paced startup environment. Jumpstart your career and help make the world a better place.

Former Engineering Intern & Current Engineer

My previous internships at bigger companies were useful, but not as meaningful. Convoy embraced me with smiling faces and immediately assigned me to tasks that had high impact and purpose. The rapid change of startups is invigorating, and it’s why I came back to Convoy after my internship.

Geoffrey Wukelic, Former Engineering Intern & Current Engineer

Engineering Intern Mentor

I’ve always enjoyed mentoring and teaching. Being an intern mentor was particularly fun because I was given the opportunity to help someone learn the ropes of life at a tech company. It was awesome watching them develop and learn from week one to week twelve.

Joanne Zhu, Intern Mentor & Engineer

Former Engineering Intern & Current Engineer

Convoy has a culture of bringing out the best in others. It’s one thing to be around talented individuals, it’s another to work in an environment where your coworkers are not only talented, but are also thoughtful and willing to empower others to do their best work. In equal measures, it’s really exciting to be part of a company that is growing at a rapid pace. Convoy is a rocketship you don’t want to miss.

Jason Lim, Former Engineering Intern & Current Engineer

Engineering Manager

I love having interns on my team. The enthusiasm, passion, and curiosity they bring always energizes me; they emanate an incredible can-do attitude that really inspires the team. It’s refreshing to be reminded of the value of learning new things and the excitement that comes with that growth.

Divya Mahalingam, Engineering Manager