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Speed. Flexibility. Simplicity. It’s no wonder that shippers and carriers love drop. In fact, the majority of US Fortune 500 shipments are sent through preloaded drop trailers. The challenge with drop and hook has been one of scale: historically, only large asset-based carriers with available trailers could service these programs, limiting how much a shipper could send.

We introduced Convoy Go in 2017 as the first-ever drop and hook service that lets carriers of all sizes, including owner-operators, haul power-only loads. Because every carrier meets our rigorous quality and compliance standards, Convoy offers drop capacity nationwide with the reliability you’d expect from asset-based carriers.

Using our industry-leading data science and machine learning, we’re able to match our pool of smart trailers with tens of thousands of drivers who are ready to haul your freight now, helping you get more drop capacity without sacrificing quality.

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Convoy Go on the Road


Convoy Go has a 98% equipment availability rate, so you can book with confidence. En route, you’ll know the location of each trailer at all times and whether it’s fully loaded with our state-of-the-art tracking system.


Preload trailers on your own schedule. Convoy Go dramatically reduces the wait time and coordination typically associated with live shipments.

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Access tens of thousands of high quality power-only carriers in our digital freight network, standing by to provide you with additional capacity. Convoy Go is the perfect solution to unanticipated demand surges.


With Convoy Go, you benefit from an efficient, shared pool of smart trailers that provide real-time visibility into your freight. We’re committed to having every trailer in good condition and at your yard before your preloading time.

Smart Trailers

More efficient capacity

Our trailer pool adjusts to your needs, flexing to meet capacity when you need it and keeping your lot clear when you don’t. This lets you run more shipments with fewer trailers, reducing operational costs and empty miles driven. We do this automatically through Convoy’s industry-leading data science and machine learning technology, calculating hundreds of thousands of variables in a few short minutes, routing trailers to you in the fastest, most efficient way.

Full shipment visibility

Our smart trailers provide real-time visibility from pickup to delivery, including trailer availability, pickup times, trailer location, route driven, delivery time, yard parking spot, and whether the trailer is empty or full. Use this information to manage day-to-day operations, or to achieve long-term improvements, like reducing facility unload times.

Real Time Tracking

“With Convoy Go, our drop capacity challenges have vanished. Access to a large power-only carrier base has increased our confidence in executing last-minute asks, while decreasing financial impacts.”

Logistics Procurement Manager at Unilever


When you ship drop with Convoy Go, you get all the benefits of our digital freight network across our nationwide full truckload services.

Save time

Convoy’s digital freight network is the first and only to offer 100% fully automated brokering across load- and price-matching in key markets, finding you the best truck for every shipment at the right price in just minutes, not hours.

Reliable and flexible capacity

Gone are the days of being limited to asset-based carriers for drop and hook shipments. You can now get drop whenever you need it. Convoy Go opens the long tail of supply with tens of thousands of the industry’s safest drivers moving the most advanced smart trailers.

The Convoy Advantage
The Convoy Advantage

Improve quality

Trucks booked through Convoy are 16% safer than the industry average thanks to our rigorous quality and compliance standards, so you can have more peace of mind about your shipments arriving safe, on-time, and in good condition.

Transparent data and insights

When you ship with Convoy, you get access to real-time data that provides the supply chain visibility you need. Not only will you know where your trucks are every step of the way, but you’ll also gain insights on how to optimize your business, including data to improve facility operations.


What is drop and hook?

Drop and hook, or simply drop, is a term for shipping preloaded trailers directly to facilities. At the simplest level, shippers preload trailers on their own schedule, and then call a carrier to haul the trailer directly to a facility, where it’s dropped off. Drop programs generally are efficient, lower-cost, and they limit waiting time for shippers and drivers.

How does Convoy Go work?

Convoy Go is Convoy’s drop and hook network. Using Convoy Go is easy and fast. When you book your first load, you let us know your volume, destinations, and preload time, and we send empty trailers to your yards ahead of schedule. You load the trailers on your own time without needing to accommodate waiting drivers.

Once you load the trailers, drivers from our digital freight network arrive to haul them to your locations. At this point, our proprietary system has forecasted how many trailers you’ll need to continue shipping. If you need additional trailers, they’ll come with the drivers, who will swap them for your preloaded freight; if not, the drivers will arrive with their tractors alone to bobtail. Upon delivery, drivers may either drop the trailers off straight away, or help with unloading, if you prefer.

It’s as easy as that. As you continue shipping, our system anticipates how many trailers you’ll need at each location, with each arriving prior to your preload time.

What makes Convoy Go different from other drop and hook services?

Two key aspects make Convoy Go different from other drop and hook services: our carrier network and our shared pool of smart trailers.

When we introduced Convoy Go in 2017, we were the first to offer drop and hook to carriers of all sizes. With tens of thousands of carriers in our digital freight network ready to haul your goods at a moment’s notice, Convoy Go opens quality drop capacity to you that was previously limited to asset-based carriers.

Our pool of smart trailers provides real-time visibility into where your freight is, as well as trailer availability, pickup times, trailer location, route driven, delivery time, yard parking spot, and whether the trailer is empty or full. This helps you manage your day-to-day activities and lower your operational costs.

Who can use Convoy Go?

Convoy Go is available nationwide for any shipper with at least 250 annual loads on the same lane. If you already ship with Convoy, contact your account manager. If you’re new to Convoy and are interested in learning more, contact us and we’ll get started.

If you’re a carrier interested in hauling power-only with Convoy, please see our Convoy Go page for carriers.