Reliable trucking services for scheduled or spot market freight

Guaranteed available capacity, industry leading on-time performance, and real-time GPS tracking on all shipments.

Here's how Convoy helps shippers

Guaranteed capacity

Convoy is building the world's largest network of trucks, and guarantees capacity on all shipments.

Track in real-time

Convoy has GPS on all trucks and sends automatic updates throughout shipment progress; no manual tracking required.

Decrease exceptions

Convoy's software automatically recognizes potential problems before they happen, preventing costly delays.

“The straightforward workflow and smart pricing all help to optimize our shipments. This is exactly the type of innovation we need in transportation.”
— Mike Williams, Global Supply Chain Director, World Vision
"Convoy is more efficient than any shipping company that I have partnered with before, and I have been working in transportation since 1995."
— Wendy Jones, Logistics Manager, Standard Bag
“Convoy is so easy to use and much faster than calling around for a truck. They also have great prices, which make it more cost effective than owning our own fleet.”
— David Stober, CEO, Guided Products

Stop searching for carriers

Convoy partners with trusted local and regional carriers offering guaranteed capacity.

Book shipments in seconds

Enter load details and instantly book the shipment. Repeating shipments? Book even faster by starting from a previous shipment’s details.

Get instant pricing

No more back and forth haggling over price. The instantly quoted rate is what you’ll pay.

Know where your trucks are

Convoy’s innovative shipping technology allows for real-time tracking of shipments and sends automatic updates throughout each shipment’s progress.

As an official SmartWay Partner, Convoy is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution created by freight transportation in the supply chain.

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