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Join the Most Efficient Digital Freight Network

“Digital freight networks can help companies that are looking for real-time available capacity or looking to reduce transportation costs during the current crisis, as well as during future challenging times." - Gartner Inc. Supply Chain Report, April 2020

Save Money, Save Time

As shipment volumes grow, our network gets more efficient, lowering your total costs.

  • Real-time pricing backed by guaranteed capacity
  • Automated load matching and pricing
  • TMS integrations with BluJay, MercuryGate, and others

Reliable and Flexible Capacity

Get the reliability and network planning capabilities of an asset-based carrier with the flexibility of a broker.

  • Nationwide coverage for live and drop, including primary, backup, and spot
  • Automatically match loads in as little as ten minutes
  • Reliable capacity that adjusts to business needs

Improve Quality

Move your freight on time with some of the safest carriers in the industry.

  • Precise GPS tracking of OTP and OTD
  • Proactive communications and quick resolution for exceptions
  • A carrier network 15% safer than the industry average

Transparent Data and Insights

Access real-time data that delivers insights to transform your business.

  • Visibility on all your shipments, every step of the way
  • Customized reporting to improve overall supply chain
  • Access data to improve facility operations and more

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Ship Responsibly

Make your supply chain sustainable, reach your corporate responsibility goals, and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Leading Brands Trust Convoy

“Our partnership with Convoy has helped P&G reduce costs and improve service by looking at transportation differently. We value Convoy’s commitment to transparency, innovation, and sustainability, underpinned by a culture of operational excellence.”
– Andy Butler, Associate Director – North America Market Operations Purchases


Convoy Shipper Platform

Get instant upfront pricing, book a load with only a few clicks, and track your shipment from start to finish through our free online platform.

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Convoy Connect

Still Using Spreadsheets to Manage Your Freight?

Manage all your freight from one centralized place with our free transportation management system (TMS).

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