Shipper Frequently Asked Questions

For Shippers

How do you ensure the quality of your carriers?

We pre-screen and certify each carrier to make sure they qualify to join our network. We also monitor their ongoing performance, such as on-time rate, on an ongoing basis.

How are my shipments insured?

Convoy requires carriers to maintain automobile and cargo insurance, and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Convoy also carries contingent insurance that further protects each shipment. If you have specific insurance requirements, please contact us at

Can I get a quote for a shipment?

Yes, just enter the details of your shipment and we’ll show you the price before you book it. As you make changes, such as the number of pallets you want to ship, the price will update in real time. If you have a project or additional requirements to discuss, please contact us at

Can the quoted price change after I book the shipment?

The quoted price will only change if there is excessive wait time for the driver or if your shipment changes after it was booked. For example, changes to the number of items you are shipping, the destination, or the day it can be dropped off (e.g. if overnight storage is now required) may change the price.

Do I select my own carriers?

If you have preferred carriers, we can prioritize them for your shipments. However, our technology automatically offers your shipment to the best carriers who can get it done on time at a competitive price.

Who supplies the Bill of Lading?

You are required to supply the Bill of Lading to the driver for each shipment.

How do I leave feedback about my experience?

Once the shipment is complete you may rate your experience from 1 to 5 stars and add a comment. We use the information to further improve the quality of carriers and pick the best drivers for your next shipment. You can also send a note to

How do I access Convoy?

Convoy can be accessed via the web at

Is Convoy safe?

Convoy uses industry standard best practices to keep you and your data safe, including TLS security for network communications.