Haul More, Wait Less

With Convoy Go power only loads, hook to a preloaded trailer and hit the road. Spend more time on the road earning money and less time stuck at facilities. There is no cost to use the trailer and no additional insurance requirements.

Power Loads, Available to Every Carrier

Quick and easy trailer pickup

Plan your whole week ahead of time. Bigger appointment windows make it easier to complete more loads, and preloaded trailers mean less risk of detention.

More opportunities, including return trips

Haul drop trailer freight from large shippers, previously only available to asset-based carriers. Extra time before dropping off the empty trailer? Use it for another load, even if it’s not a Convoy load.

Trailers that make you look good and reduce costs

Use our trailers for free. They get regular maintenance and help you arrive safely and on time. Skip expensive trailer leases and prevent wear and tear on your own equipment.

How it Works

  1. In the Convoy app, search for and book power only loads.
  2. Bobtail to pickup and hook to a preloaded trailer.
  3. Drop the trailer, or live unload and return the empty trailer.*

Tip: If you have time before the empty trailer needs to be returned, feel free to schedule a return trip through Convoy or another broker.


Power only loads, available now

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In the past I was able to do 3 to 4 loads a week per truck but now, with Convoy Go, I can consistently do 6 loads per week per truck. We are a small company with two trucks and, in the past, we rarely did power only loads. Now, we operate almost exclusively power only loads with Convoy.

The main upside is that the wait time is very short, we are in and out of facilities in 45 minutes versus more than four hours for live loads. Also, Convoy allows us to have power only headhauls and power only backhauls which allows us to work more miles.

– Eduardo Canales, Canales Trucking

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Convoy Go?

With Convoy Go, carriers and owner-operators of any size can haul drop and hook freight, previously only available to asset-based carriers. Convoy provides the trailers from our Universal Trailer Pool — all carriers need is a power unit.

Does Convoy Go have trailer rental fees?

We don’t charge carriers and owner-operators for using our trailers, as long as they’re returned on time. We provide extra flexibility between delivery and empty trailer return. That way, carriers can choose to haul another load before they return the trailer, even if it’s not a load they booked on Convoy.

What are the benefits of Convoy Go?

Convoy Go enables all carriers and owner-operators to access large-shipper drop and hook freight via the Convoy app. The program allows carriers to be a lot more efficient with their time, and spend more time driving and less time waiting at facilities. Previously, drop and hook freight was largely available to asset-based carriers, but now we have enabled any carrier and owner-operator to haul this freight with our Universal Trailer Pool. Our trailers are available and don’t have a daily rental fee. The trailers are in great shape, undergo regular maintenance, and help carriers arrive safely and on time.

How do I book Power Only loads?

  1. Open the Convoy app and search for loads.
  2. Select “Power Only” as the trailer type.
  3. Book a power only load.

How do I book power only loads?

How do I haul Power Only loads?

  1. Bobtail to pickup.
  2. Hook up to Convoy’s preloaded trailer and hit the road.
  3. After delivery, either drop off the empty trailer at one of our trailer pools, or book a return trip with Convoy (or another broker) if you have enough time.

What if I am unable to see Power Only loads?

Convoy has power only loads nationwide. We are continuously adding opportunities, so if you don’t see power only loads in your lanes, set up a power only Request a Load to be the first to know when we have opportunities near you. In the meantime, ensure you have signed the Trailer Use Agreement (TUA) either in the Convoy app or online, so you are set up when these loads become available.