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Book your preferred loads 24×7, without any phone calls.


Submit bids on all the loads you like or book your favorite instantly with upfront pricing

How to bid on loads in the Convoy mobile app

      • Step 1: Find loads: You have access to all loads 24/7 right in the Convoy mobile app’s load board. Find all the loads on every lane you are interested in with one tap.
      • Step 2: Submit bids on multiple loads: Tap the bid button to enter the rate you need. You should bid on multiple loads you like at the same time to maximize your chances of winning. There is no penalty if your bid wins the load but you don’t confirm it.
      • Step 3: Get Notified: You will be notified if your bid won or lost the load via push notification and email. To help improve your chances of winning future loads, you will also receive feedback on select loads.

What I love about the Convoy’s in-app bidding process is that it allows me to bid the rate I want with a tap on the app. I don’t have to pick up the phone and negotiate with someone. I tried it for the first time and won very quickly!

Allen Johnson – AAA Logistics LLC

How to book the load with upfront pricing in the Convoy mobile app

  • Step 1: Find load: You have access to all loads 24/7  right in the Convoy mobile app. Find the load on your preferred lane you are interested in
  • Step 2: Check Price and Load Details: Tap into a load you are interested in hauling and view the details and the upfront price
  • Step 3: Accept Now: If you like the load as-is, tap the “Accept Now” button to book it before anyone else. Congratulations, the load is officially yours!

I love how easy it is to book a load on Convoy. I open the app during my break or at night and I am able to book a load on my preferred lane within seconds without talking to anyone. It saves me 5-6 hours a week to find a load and I can focus on what I like – driving.

Allen Johnson – AAA Logistics LLC

Earn More With Less Hassle.

Bidding on and booking loads with Convoy is both quick and easy.

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How do I view and accept loads?
  1. Open the Convoy mobile app
  2. Tap “Offers”
  3. View the available loads and click into one you’re interested in – you can also you the “Search for Loads” feature at the top of the screen Once you’ve found a load you’re interested in:Option 1: Tap “Accept Now” to instantly book the load at that price, then tap “Confirm”Option 2: Tap “Bid” if you’d only take the load at a different price, enter your requested rate, and tap “Submit Bid”
  4. If you used the Accepted Now feature, the load is yours! If you submitted a bid, our team will either accept or reject the bid. If they accept, you’ll get a notification and need to confirm to accept the load
  5. Complete the load through the Convoy mobile app
How do I sign up to drive with Convoy?

Carriers can sign up, get approved instantly, and start taking loads with Convoy right away—all without needing to send an email, fax a packet, or even make a phone call.

  1. Register 

Visit our registration page to sign up as a new carrier

  1. Send us your packet

Before you can start accepting loads, you will need to upload the following documents, or send a copy to fleet@convoy.com:

  • Operating authority
  • Copy of your insurance certificate
  • W-9
  • We do not need to be a certificate holder on your insurance
  1. Download the Convoy mobile app

You can view, bid and accept all loads directly through the Convoy mobile app.

For more information check out this Help Center Article.

How do I earn free Convoy QuickPay™?
  1. Enable location tracking in the Convoy mobile app beginning 3.5 hours prior to pickup and for the entire duration of the shipment
  2. Tap the “complete delivery” when leaving the destination facility
  3. Upload a photo of the signed Bill of Lading within 24 hours

For more information check out this Help Center Article.