Take control of your freight

Instant quotes. Guaranteed coverage. Real-time tracking. Insights on demand.

See ship happen in real time

Get real-time visibility throughout the shipment lifecycle. Pull an instant quote that reflects current market conditions, book contract and spot freight in minutes, track a load in real time on a map, and retrieve a digital BOL once it’s delivered. See all your data on an interactive insights dashboard with on-demand access to over 30 data points for every shipment.

How our freight software works

Quote and book with ease

Get instant, guaranteed quotes from Convoy for any lane — either one at a time or in bulk by simply uploading a spreadsheet. Our proprietary algorithm generates pricing in real-time based on current market conditions. You can also save single quotes for up to 24 hours and tender through your own TMS.

Track ETAs in real-time

Convoy has one of the most tech-connected carriers in the nation with real-time GPS tracking available on 95% of all loads. Simply log in to view live ETAs for all your shipments or click in to a shipment to see your truck on a live map. If your driver is running late, we’ll show you the reason why and the actions we’re taking. Shareable tracking links extend this visibility to your customers and partners.

Download proof of delivery

Convoy carriers upload the bill of lading (BOL) and any other proof of delivery documents directly into your shipment records – providing access to your entire team in a central location. We’ll also send an email notification when the shipment is complete.

Access insights on demand

Track supply chain health in real time. Access metrics like rate per mile, spend across spot and contract shipments, on-time pickup and delivery performance, accessorial breakdowns, dwell time, facility ratings, Scope 3 carbon emissions, and more.

A truckload of benefits

Coverage in any condition.

Plug into the leading digital freight network and stay covered even when your demand shifts or the market swings. Plus, access unique programs that provide 100% tender acceptance across primary, backup, and spot.

More doing, less hassle.

Get instant access to intuitive tools that make quoting, booking, tracking, and retrieving digital records for your freight easy. Simplify how you manage and tender shipments across your entire routing guide.

Drive facility performance.

Arm yourself with the information you need to drive performance and control costs at facilities across your supply chain.  The interactive facility insights dashboard in our freight software lets you drill into shipment volume, incidentals, dwell time, and carrier feedback for every location you ship to or from.

Put yourself in the driver's seat

The smartest way to manage your freight is just one click away.