Take control of your freight

Instant quotes. Guaranteed coverage. Real-time tracking. Free modern TMS tools.

Move shipments on demand

Access more than 300,000 trucks from Convoy’s nationwide network of vetted carriers for guaranteed coverage on contract and spot freight in minutes. Plus, get your team out of spreadsheets and emails with a centralized routing guide, automated quote workflows, and data-driven standards for awarding freight across every broker and carrier you work with.

How it works

Get instant guaranteed quotes from Convoy for any lane. Our proprietary algorithm generates pricing in real-time based on current market conditions. Request, compare, and award bids across all your preferred carriers directly within our website. It’s incredibly fast and easy – and completely free.

With Convoy, the rate you book is the price you pay. We guarantee coverage from our reliable carrier network that is 16% safer than the industry average. You’ll get confirmation as soon as a carrier is assigned. If you use Convoy TMS features, you can also award freight and start booking a shipment with any carrier in your network.

Enjoy real-time tracking on your Convoy shipments for ultimate visibility into the status of your freight. Simply log-in to view your truck on a map, anytime. Shareable tracking links extend this visibility to your customers and deliver a premium experience for your partners.

Convoy carriers upload the bill of lading (BOL) and any other proof of delivery documents directly into your shipment records – providing access to your entire team in a central location. We’ll also send an email notification when the shipment is complete.

Use our free tools to centralize your routing guide, automate quote workflows, tender shipments, and evaluate performance across all of your brokers and carriers. Determine the right strategy for awarding freight, and maintain visibility into how your team is operating with a centralized booking tool. Our system sandboxes your routing guide, ensuring sensitive carrier data as well as lane and bid information stays private.

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A truckload of benefits

Coverage in any condition.

Plug into the nation’s most efficient digital freight network and stay covered even when your demand shifts or the market swings. Plus, access unique programs that provide 100% tender acceptance across primary, backup, and spot.

More doing, less hassle.

Get instant access to intuitive tools which make quoting, booking and tracking your freight a no-hassle experience. Unlock modern TMS features to simplify how you manage and tender shipments across your entire routing guide.

Drive carrier performance.

See the full picture from sourcing coverage to status updates. Drive performance improvements and allocate freight to your best carriers by comparing real-time metrics such as response time and acceptance rates.

Put yourself in the driver’s seat

The smartest way to manage your freight is just one click away.