Trailer Leasing from Private Fleets

Generate revenue from idle assets by leasing your unutilized trailers.

Optimize your trailer capacity

Turn unutilized trailers into a profit center by leasing them to us at a monthly rate of up to $700 per month per trailer.

Flexibility, right from the start

We offer a reliable solution for managing your unutilized assets caused due to seasonal lulls. As demand peaks, get back your trailers when you need them and alleviate the uncertainties associated with planning trailer procurement.

Save those sunk costs

By leasing your unutilized trailers you not only generate extra revenue but also save on operational costs of maintaining these unused assets.

Protection you can trust

Convoy owns thousands of trailers ourselves. We know how valuable every trailer is – and we know how to really take care of each one.

With a dedicated 24/7 Fleet Care team, a vetted carrier network, and technology to prevent and recover from theft or damage, you can rest assured that your trailers are in safe hands.

Have freight to move? Convoy's got you covered.

If you’re looking for a drop-and-hook solution, look no further. Convoy Go also offers a flexible drop program that provides you with access to thousands of semi-trailers nationwide.


What is the rate per trailer?

Rate is dependent on trailer specifications, trailer health, use duration and other terms stated in the legal agreement. Estimated up to $700/month. Fees can be prorated as mutually agreed upon by the Parties.

Is there a minimum time requirement for leasing the trailers?

Yes. A 3-month minimum commitment is required before the trailers can be returned.

How can we ensure the trailers are returned in a timely manner? What if we need the trailers back sooner?

Convoy commits to return the trailers to the agreed upon location/date specified in the contract, subject to late fees outlined by the customer. If the trailers are needed back sooner, Convoy requires minimum 7 days notice in written form.

How does Convoy ensure the trailers are returned in good condition?

Convoy covers the costs and operations associated with thorough pre-integration inspections in addition to maintaining roadworthy compliance during the use period. The customer will be responsible for noting and notifying Convoy of any damage otherwise not specified on the pre trip inspection upon return. Convoy will then review and reimburse as specified in the terms of the contract, outside of standard wear and tear.

How will Convoy manage maintenance and repairs?

Trailers will be maintained as any other trailer in our fleet. Convoy has a strong maintenance partnership with Ryder that supports 24/7 roadside assistance to our carrier base for in transit needs in addition to a highly regulated FMCSA inspection tracking process.

Will we be required to share GPS data?

Yes, the terms of the contract include granting Convoy access to trailer GPS data. Convoy will not physically alter the equipment in any way outside of adding a small, temporary Convoy decal on the nose of the trailer to be removed upon return.