A Convoy shipper realized a 60% reduction in dwell time and 69% reduction in incidental spend in 4 weeks. In our 7/13 webinar, learn how Convoy’s facility insights made that possible.Save your spot

Supply chain visibility by the truckload

Convoy’s Shipper Insights help you optimize freight operations, streamline facility performance, and uncover opportunities to save time and money.

Make smarter supply chain decisions, faster

We use machine learning to examine massive volumes of internal and external data, capturing over 1,000 data points for each shipment. This analysis generates a level of supply chain visibility that was never before possible, helping shippers improve their forecasts, adjust to market shifts, and respond to operational problems.

Real-time tracking on every truckload

Gain 24/7, real-time visibility into every load you ship with Convoy. We provide transparency, from initial tender to final delivery. You can even see when your driver is running late, the reason, and actions Convoy is taking on your behalf. No more time wasted tracking down trucks.

Improve downstream supply chain operations by informing your entire team and customers with shipment statuses that are accurate to the minute.

View trends and spot anomalies

Since 2015, we’ve collected over 50 terabytes of shipment and operations data. That’s the equivalent of more than 325 million pages of Microsoft Word documents. We use machine learning to analyze this data, yielding insights that were previously undiscoverable.

These insights can unlock significant savings across your supply chain. By providing automated reports, dynamic tools, and custom insights, we’ve helped shippers:

  • Reduce detention costs at problematic facilities
  • Uncover the root causes behind spiking incidentals
  • Improve carrier preference for shipper facilities

Take control of your supply chain data

Dynamic Dashboard

Our interactive web-based dashboard lets you navigate your shipment history and filter data to gain insights that matter to your business.

Custom Consulting

Our dedicated account managers and data scientists work with you to analyze your network and find areas to boost operational efficiency.

Free white paper: Supply Chain Visibility and the Digital Freight Network

Many shippers lose visibility of their freight as soon as trucks leave their docks. Convoy’s digital freight network provides a solution. Data and analytics shed light on hidden inefficiencies and arm your logistics team with insights to improve supply chain operations.

Convoy’s white paper explores how Shipper Insights help shippers:

  • Optimize operational spend
  • Improve facility performance
  • Reduce carbon emissions

Uncover what’s going on at your facilities

Beyond tracking on-time pickup (OTP), delivery (OTD), and wait times to the minute, access detailed feedback on carriers’ facility experiences through the facility insights dashboard. Drivers use our mobile app to input feedback on your facility service, communication, amenities, and more. This combination of quantitative and qualitative feedback can reveal problems at facilities and provide opportunities for improvement.

See what’s driving incidental costs

We provide on-demand visibility into incidentals to help you capture your total cost to ship. Review breakdowns of detention, lumper, TONU, layover, redelivery spend, and overall incidental spend over time at the shipment and facility levels through the insights dashboard on the Convoy shipper website.

By measuring the key drivers of incidentals, you can determine where to make better supply chain decisions that reduce total transportation costs.

Track your progress towards sustainability targets

We make it our mission to eliminate waste in transportation. Central to this mission is lowering carbon emissions from empty freight miles. Our automated load bundling yields a 45% decrease in CO2 emissions from empty trucks, helping you ship responsibly and meet your sustainability goals.

As part of our Shipper Insights, we provide a detailed assessment of your year-to-date environmental impact, including the amount of carbon emissions saved through the use of automated bundling, green appointments, and fuel savings.

Easy integration with supply chain visibility platforms

If you use FourKites, Project44, Trimble 10-4, or Macropoint, you can track your Convoy shipments right alongside your other carriers. We’ve done the integration for you, so real-time visibility into your Convoy shipments through these services works right out of the box.

Learn more about Convoy's supply chain visibility


Uncovering Hidden Inefficiencies in Your Supply Chain With a Digital Freight Network

This webinar covers:

  • The challenges in collecting shipment data at scale and how a digital freight network addresses them
  • The categories of data that digital freight networks collect and how each can benefit your business
  • 8 ways businesses have uncovered hidden inefficiencies in their supply chains

Freight Shipping Guide

Developing a Transportation Strategy

This handy reference covers the full truckload shipping process. See where supply chain visibility fits into your broader goals and learn more about:

  • Identifying the best freight partner
  • Ensuring you work with high quality carriers
  • Becoming a shipper of choice
  • And much more

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