Tech For Logistics Teams

Our products provide leading shippers with unmatched visibility and seamless access to our digital freight network.

Tap into the power of a digital freight network

We built Convoy from the ground up on machine learning and automation technology so your loads get covered faster and more reliably, saving you time and money.

Industry-leading visibility

More than 95% of live loads and 100% of drop loads in our network are tracked end-to-end with the Convoy mobile app and smart trailer sensors, providing you with unmatched shipment visibility.

100% tender acceptance

Our dynamic pricing gives you competitive rates and 100% tender acceptance on every load. Plus, our unique approach to carrier quality gets your loads delivered safely and on time.

Use your TMS or ours

Already use a TMS? We provide EDI and API integrations so you can quote and track loads seamlessly. Still working in spreadsheets? Improve your productivity with Convoy’s free TMS.

Convoy Website

An easier way to manage freight

Convoy’s online platform for shippers gives you the industry’s best load tracking, access to bills of lading (BOLs), instant quotes with guaranteed coverage, and a free, modern TMS to improve your team’s productivity.

  • View your shipments on a map with real-time GPS tracking
  • Provide your facilities and customers visibility with tracking links
  • Give your entire team access to online BOLs and other documents
  • Get instant, competitive quotes from Convoy on any lane
  • Work more effectively with your carriers with an easy-to-use TMS

TMS Integrations

Seamless integration with your existing workflow

Manage your contract, backup, and spot loads with Convoy directly within your TMS. Our EDI and API integrations enable you to automate tasks, get your loads covered faster, and track hundreds of shipments simultaneously.

  • Custom EDI integrations with off-the-shelf and homegrown TMSes
  • Instant quotes with 100% tender acceptance for backup and spot loads
  • Visibility integration with FourKites, Project 44, Macropoint, and 10-4