Power-only freight from Convoy Go

Supplement your existing private fleet tractor capacity with hundreds of thousands of on-demand trucks.

300,000 power-only tractors to supplement your fleet

Over the last three years, Convoy has built the largest on-demand fleet of power units in the continental US. Now through our Convoy Go program, we’re making our tractor capacity available to private fleets. Whether you’re looking to rebalance your asset pool or you just need extra power to haul your preloaded trailers, Convoy has you covered.

Safe, certified carriers

A better way to safely deliver your loads

Before every load, we certify every carrier in our network. Our machine learning models verify operating authority, insurance status, speeding tickets, traffic violations, vehicle maintenance, crash history, cargo claims history, and historical carrier performance. The result is a 16% lower crash rate and 99.95% of shipments delivered without a cargo claim.

Short notice? No problem.

Next-day and same-day service available

We use technology to automate manual processes like pricing, finding the best trucks for each shipment, responding to tenders, and creating appointments. As a result, we can get your trailer moves and power-only freight covered quickly. You can rely on us for next-day, and sometimes even same-day, service.

Better Visibility

Reliable GPS tracking and unique insights

With more than 95% of drivers in our network consistently connected through our mobile app, you can see the precise location of your trailers on a map and share tracking information with your distribution centers and stores. And, with our unique shipper insights, you get analytics that help you identify performance trends and improve your operations.

Optional loadouts

Reduce your costs by filling your trailers

Thousands of shipments move through our network every day and our machine learning models can often find live loads to haul in your empty trailers. For shippers interested in this optional loadout service, you can save up to 30% on your trailer moves.

Sustainable shipping

Reduce carbon emissions from empty miles

Sustainability is central to who we are and how we serve our customers. Because our machine learning models automatically identify backhauls in our network, we can eliminate 45% of carbon emissions from empty miles, helping you achieve your sustainability goals.

Need trailers too? Convoy's got you covered.

If you’re looking for a drop-and-hook solution, look no further. Convoy Go also offers a flexible drop program that provides you with access to thousands of semi-trailers nationwide. Combined with the more than 300,000 tractors in our network, we offer the most flexible drop-and-hook capacity for primary contract loads as well as backup and spot.