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Freight Shipping in Stockton

There’s no lack of freight activity in California, which had the highest value of outbound freight shipments of any U.S. state ($758,337 million) in 2017. The state also had the second-highest value of inbound freight shipments ($601,187 million) and domestic freight shipments ($1,336,301 million), putting total freight value for the year over $2.5 trillion. After Texas, California also had the most outbound reefer and dry van loads in 2020.

Stockton’s central location as well as its proximity to both San Francisco and Sacramento make it a key figure in all of this activity. The city is home to:

  • The Port of Stockton, a major deep sea port located on the Stockton Ship Channel
  • Stockton Metropolitan Airport, which operates as a Foreign Trade Zone and serves primarily to ship agricultural and manufacturing products
  • A network of railways, including BNSF Railway and Union Pacific

When scheduling shipments through the Stockton area, keep in mind that the city has some of the worst average travel times in the country.

Major Industries and Commercial Activity in Stockton

Major industries in Stockton include agriculture, healthcare, construction, government, insurance, finance, and education. While Stockton’s economy has long been based in agriculture, manufacturing and telecommunications are becoming increasingly important here as well.

Some of the largest companies in Stockton include O.G. Packing & Cold Storage Company, ApexCare, University of the Pacific, Rabobank N.A., and Herrick.

Because of its extensive surrounding farmland (920,000 acres across San Joaquin County), Stockton serves as a major processing and distribution hub for wine and agricultural products. Almonds replaced grapes as the county’s top valued crop in 2018, and additional top commodities include milk, walnuts, eggs, cattle and calves, tomatoes, cherries, blueberries, and hay.

California trades its freight primarily with Texas, Arizona, Ohio, and Nevada.

How Weather Impacts Freight Shipping in Stockton

Stockton tends to have mild winters and hot, dry summers and is not particularly known for poor weather. San Joaquin County, in which Stockton is located, has only had four weather-related disasters since 2010 — all droughts. Floods have been the most common extreme weather event in Stockton since 1950.

However, a major winter storm hit Stockton as recently as January of 2021, toppling trees with severe winds, and California’s summer wildfires have been known to affect air quality in the city. As such, it’s always wise to check the forecast before scheduling shipments here.

Freight Carriers in Stockton

California’s most common job is truck driving, typically giving you plenty of options to consider when it comes time to book a shipment.

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Stockton Freight Shipping Rates

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