Palm Springs, California Freight Shipping Quotes

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Freight Shipping in Palm Springs

In 2017, The Bureau of Transportation Statistics noted that the state of California shipped the second greatest amount of freight by value nationwide, with $601,187 million worth of goods shipped into California, $1,336,301 million worth shipped within California, and $758,337 moved outbound from the state.

California was also ranked second place in a list of 10 states for outbound reefer and van loads in 2020. The “Golden State” shipped 820,793 outbound reefer loads and 1,186,350 outbound van loads.

Located just southeast of Los Angeles, Palm Springs’ location is a premier spot for shipping up and down the coast, toward the inland states, as well as internationally across the Pacific.

The Palm Springs Foreign Trade Zone is a center for trade moving outbound from southern California and the desert region that reduces and defers customs duties typically required when moving goods through California. The Foreign Trade Zone stimulates the state’s economy and international trade by allowing companies to bring their domestic and foreign products into the zone at a lower cost.

When scheduling your freight, be aware that travel times in Palm Springs, California are usually longer than the average commute time nationwide.

Major Industries and Commercial Activity in Palm Springs

While retail trade is the dominant sector in Palm Springs, a variety of other major industries contribute to the southern California city’s economy, including agriculture, oil and gas, hospitality, health care, administration, education, entertainment, and construction. Tourism is also a huge industry in the Palm Springs area, bringing in $7 billion in sales to the city in 2017.

Some of the top companies that operate in Palm Springs, California include Eisenhower Health, JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa, La Quinta Resort & Club, and Allied Universal Security Systems.

California’s top interstate trading partners are Texas, Arizona, Ohio, and Nevada.

How Weather Impacts Freight Shipping in Palm Springs

Although poor weather doesn’t seem to be much of an issue in sunny southern California, you should still be aware of outliers in weather-related instances that could negatively impact your freight schedule.

During the summer and early fall months, California experiences wildfire season, and with the state dryer than ever, many say this season is starting earlier and earlier each year. Truckers should be aware of changes to their schedule or route when it comes to wildfire risk and road closures.

Freight carriers should also be aware of the Santa Ana windstorms, which occur several times a year in the spring, summer, and fall seasons. These windstorms can cause serious damage, including road closures.

Freight Carriers in Palm Springs

For the past approximately 30 years, the state of California’s most common occupation has been truck driving. This means that there are typically plenty of carrier options for your particular freight shipment needs and budget.

No matter what your timeline, budget, or location might be, Convoy can help you review all of your options before choosing the best carrier for your freight shipment.

Palm Springs Freight Shipping Rates

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