Denver, Colorado Freight Shipping Quotes

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Freight Shipping in Denver

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports that in 2017, Colorado received $118,104 million worth of freight, shipped $95,730 million worth within the state, and exported $101,661 million worth out of the state.

Denver is a freight epicenter for an eight-state area, servicing the surrounding western states with its major rail companies, over 150 motor freight carriers, and numerous air cargo services. Because Denver is designated as a Free Trade Zone, the typical customs duties and taxes for imported and exported goods are drastically lowered or waived entirely.

Although landlocked with no deep-water ports, Colorado is a state with many rich natural resources, agricultural products, and manufacturing goods that provide countless jobs for truck drivers in the Denver area. Its many interstate highways and roadways allow for easy and efficient freight transportation of goods via truck.

When scheduling your freight shipments through Denver, remember that commute times in the area are slightly longer than the national average, and delivery schedules may be impacted.

Major Industries and Commercial Activity in Denver

The dominant industry in Denver, Colorado is healthcare and social services, with other prominent industries including air transportation, telecommunications, aerospace, finance, high technology, and manufacturing. A total of 11 Fortune 500 companies currently call Colorado home. DaVita, Molson Coors Beverage, and DCP Midstream operate out of the city of Denver.

A variety of freight in multiple categories is produced in Denver, Colorado, including:

  • Computer storage
  • Beverages
  • Mining and farming machinery
  • Rubber goods
  • Fabricated metals
  • Chemicals
  • Allied stone and clay products
  • Western clothing
  • Transportation equipment
  • Scientific instruments
  • Feed
  • Flour
  • Luggage

Colorado is also known for its production of corn, wheat, hay, grain sorghum, beans, potatoes, sugar beets, and apples.

Colorado’s top interstate trading partners for its freight include Texas, California, Wyoming, and Illinois.

How Weather Impacts Freight Shipping in Denver

Extreme winter storms and heavy snowfall could negatively impact freight shipping schedules into and out of Denver, Colorado.

Shippers may need to anticipate significant delays if Denver gets hit particularly hard by blizzards. Denver sees approximately 60 inches of snow on average per year, as compared to the 28 inches of snow the rest of the states see on average annually.

Since 2010, Denver has seen several cases of extreme weather events, including one drought, two floods, two severe storms, and one tornado.

Freight Carriers in Denver

Up until 2012, when it switched to software developer, truck driving was the No. 1 most common occupation in the state of Colorado. With its numerous highways and countless goods being shipped into and out of Denver, carrier options are typically plentiful.

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Denver Freight Shipping Rates

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