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If you’re looking for competitive freight shipping rates and reliable carriers in the Dallas, Texas area, you’ve come to the right place. Convoy can connect you with instant freight quotes on loads being shipped to or from the local Dallas area.

Freight Shipping in Dallas

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Texas shipped the greatest value of freight of any U.S. state in 2017: $654,087 million worth of freight was shipped into Texas, $1,561,969 million worth was shipped within the state, and $708,661 million was shipped out of the state. Texas was also the state with the most outbound van and reefer loads in 2020, in addition to having the second most flatbed loads.

Dallas is one of the epicenters of all of this freight activity.

Dallas’s mid-continent location makes it easy to ship to different areas around the world from here, and the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport has more than tripled its international cargo shipments over the last decade as a result.

Dallas also serves as a hub for sending mass quantities of goods to surrounding areas of the state — including Houston, San Antonio, and Austin — as well as the greater Southwest, and has a robust network of interstate highways and railroad connections to that end. In fact, truck drivers picking up loads in the Dallas-Fort Worth area can reach almost any other city in the United States within 48 hours.

Keep in mind that commute times in Dallas are slightly longer than the national average, and delivery schedules may be impacted.

Major Industries and Commercial Activity in Dallas

Health care and social services make up the dominant sector in Dallas, with other prominent industries including defense, IT, financial services, life sciences, telecommunications, semiconductors, processing, and transportation.

A total of 19 Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters in Dallas, including Texas Instruments, Neiman Marcus, Southwest Airlines, Kimerly-Clark, Dean Foods, ExxonMobil, and Advance PCS.

The Dallas area produces a large amount of freight in a variety of categories, including:

  • Produce
  • Wood
  • Machinery
  • Oil
  • Heavy industry
  • Chemicals
  • Allied products
  • Parts for airlines and defense
  • Electronic components
  • Machinery
  • Food products
  • Transportation equipment

The fact that oil and heavy industry are produced year-round helps to keep freight rates low. Produce season is heaviest from June to August in Dallas, during which time carrier capacity may be impacted. Cotton is the principal crop that requires transportation during this season.

Texas’s top interstate trading partners for its freight include California, Louisiana, Michigan, and Oklahoma.

How Weather Impacts Freight Shipping in Dallas

Poor weather conditions can have an impact on delivery times in any area, including Dallas.

Severe weather (including tornados, wind, and hail) tends to hit North Texas between March and May. While Dallas is sufficiently inland to avoid the impacts of hurricanes, hurricanes are a concern in other parts of Texas: Of all U.S. states, Texas has had the second most major and total hurricanes since 1851, with most hurricanes that make landfalls occurring in August and September.

Freight Carriers in Dallas

Truck driving is the most common job in Texas, meaning that you typically won’t have problems finding a carrier for your freight shipment. Convoy’s digital freight network includes more than 50,000 trucks serving nearly 2,000 facilities in Dallas, enabling us to connect you with the most experienced, safest, and most reliable freight carriers in the area.

When you work with Convoy, you can trust that your shipment is in the right hands.

Dallas Freight Shipping Rates

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