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Freight Shipping in Atlanta

Data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics shows that Georgia was among the top 10 states with the largest freight shipments by value in 2017. The state shipped about $900,000 million in freight that year, with:

  • $304,770 million in inbound freight
  • $245,495 million in domestic freight
  • $313,591 million in outbound freight

Georgia also made the top 10 states for all types of outbound loads in 2020, coming in fifth for flatbed with 994,527 loads and fourth for reefer and van with 483,308 and 989,070 loads, respectively.

Georgia’s capital city is at the heart of much of this freight activity, with freight modes including:

  • Rail: Norfolk Southern and CSX run more than 100 freight trains into and out of Atlanta every day.
  • Air: A Foreign Trade Zone is located in close proximity to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, enabling companies to reduce or even avoid customs duties altogether for imported goods. The U.S. Customs Service Model Inland Port also ensures efficient clearance for international freight.
  • Truck: Hundreds of trucking companies provide commercial services in Atlanta, with many more dedicated to transporting their own freight, and the city’s network of highways branches out in all directions.

Atlanta’s average travel times are among the worst in the nation, so give carriers plenty of time when planning any shipments in this area.

Major Industries and Commercial Activity in Atlanta

Atlanta has become a hub of economic activity within the Southeast over recent decades, but no single industry dominates there. While manufacturing and trade in Atlanta are significant and the service industries account for the most jobs, technology also plays a part in this city. The 1,000-plus foreign-based businesses that operate in Atlanta have even made it a major center for trade and business.

In addition to being the location of the Coca-Cola Company headquarters, Atlanta houses the headquarters of 24 Fortune 1000 companies, including UPS, Delta Airlines, Home Depot, BellSouth, and Georgia-Pacific.

Top goods produced in Atlanta include metals, equipment, transportation products, machinery, printing and publishing products, telecommunications hardware, chemicals, steel, food and beverages, apparel, textiles, and furniture. Peanuts are the official state crop in Georgia.

Georgia’s top interstate trading partners for its freight include Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

How Weather Impacts Freight Shipping in Atlanta

Unpredictable weather is a risk to freight shipping in any area, and especially in Georgia, where extreme weather events are not uncommon. The state suffered 27 such events between 2007 and 2016, including 16 severe storms, five droughts, two wildfires, two floods, and two hurricanes. Georgia has had the seventh most hurricanes of any U.S. state since 1851.

Georgia’s hurricane season ran from June through the end of November in 2020, so keep this in mind and be prepared when scheduling shipments during these months. While Atlanta doesn’t actually border the sea, hurricanes can still bring flooding, high winds, and power outages to the area.

Freight Carriers in Atlanta

The most common job in Georgia is truck driving, so plenty of carriers are typically available to move shipments. Convoy’s digital freight network, including more than 75,000 trucks serving nearly 1,000 facilities in Atlanta, makes it easy to explore your options and find the very best carrier for your needs.

Atlanta Freight Shipping Rates

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